Talkspace Builds Trust With Anonymous Sessions

The ubiquitous smartphone have altered how many individuals converse and interact with others. A study conducted in South Korea have revealed that more than ten percent of teenagers using the internet are at risk for an onset of depression. A professional therapy service that’s only available online called Talkspace, has utilized this ongoing trend and hopes others will seek consultation and help with their app service. Seeking therapy in an instant from anywhere that’s wi-fi enabled has becoming increasingly popular, there are over half a million people using Talkspace that connect with the service’s 1,000 licensed professional therapists. It is also becoming more favored because the app’s therapy plans are quite inexpensive in comparison to in-person therapy sessions.

Talkspace is a privately held app therapy company that allows its users to access sessions online and with mobile devices. The New York City-based company was founded by Oren Frank and Roni Frank in 2012. Oren Frank currently serves as the CEO of Talkspace and used to be a columnist for the Huffington Post. Depending on the payment plan, users can choose their own therapist for multiple sessions from anywhere at any time. The therapists are all licensed and have undergone a vigorous background check before becoming one of Talkspace’s team of professionals.

The company’s therapists offer their expertise on issues pertaining to depression, life-challenges, anxiety, marriage counseling and a myriad of other topics for discussion. They engage with their patients and hope to help them to create a positive future. With the Talkspace app, users will be offered unlimited texting as well as sessions via video chat if applicable. The company respects the privacy of each user and their data and sessions are kept safe and confidential. They even offer the choice for the user to remain anonymous during their therapy session.