Luiz Carlos Trabuco Takes Over As Chairman Of Bradesco, Will Continue To Also Perform As President

Bradesco Banco is going through a number of changes with the retirement of its long-standing chairman, Lazaro de Mello Brandao. Brandao was one of the oldest standing chairmen in the entire world and had been serving as the chairman of the bank for the past twenty-five years. The announcement was made in an interview, in December last year, by Luiz Carlos Trabuco, who at that point, stood as the President of the company.

With the retirement of the chairman, the spot of the chairman at Bradesco was left empty. Bradesco has always followed the tradition of hiring people from within their own company, which is why the company decided to employ Trabuco to this position. Trabuco has had an incredible amount of experience working in the past, which is why he was seen as a perfect fit for this position. Even though Trabuco was supposed to retire this year upon reaching the age of sixty-five, however, the company decided to wave this for Trabuco as they gave him the position of chairman. However, this leaves the position of President open, which now has to be filled by another member of the company. Currently, Trabuco is serving as the President and Chairman of the company.

The tradition of hiring a person from within the company itself was something that they have always stood by. This is so that they can maintain the integrity of the company, and so that they can always have leaders who work for the best of the company. This has also helped them ensure that the people working at the company are always acting in their best interest.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been working for Bradesco since the start of his career. One of the first endeavors that Trabuco had was when he started working at Bradesco at the age of seventeen. He was working at one of the bank’s branches as a bank teller and stayed in that position for a few years before he was promoted to a better position within the company. He then worked his way up the ladder and ultimately get up to several high positions within the company.


One of the more prominent positions that he was at while working at the company was at the position of President of the banking and insurance sector within Bradesco. He was responsible for the incredible growth that the company had seen during that time. He was considered to be a notable person at the company, and seeing his success, was then promoted to a better position at the main headquarters of the company.

As the President of Bradesco, Trabuco did an incredible amount to contribute to the growth of the company. When Trabuco first took over as the President, Bradesco was at the second position in the banking sector. When he took over, Trabuco decided to focus his efforts on improving the services that the company provided. He focused on expansion which in turn led to the growth of the company. Bradesco currently stands as the top banking corporation in Brazil, and a lot of it was because of the incredible work that Trabuco did.

Bradesco has not yet released any statement about who they are thinking of selecting to the position of President, but are set to release some word of it towards the end of the financial year. The President will most likely be announced at the shareholders meeting according to There are several people who are in the running for President, and analysts all over the country have released statements talking about their predictions on who the next President of Bradesco will be.

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