Tony Petrello Offers Employees Paid Offs To Help Victims Of Hurricain Harvey

One of the best determinants of whether or not a company cares about its people in the community and society, one can look at the way they respond after any natural disaster. Companies that care about the people usually jump in to help them in whatever way they can, as soon as the disaster strikes. One of the more recent natural disasters that hit our country was Hurricane Harvey. The natural disaster was one of the most devastating that hit the Houston area in Texas. For one company, this was much closer to home than they would have anticipated. Nabors Industries is currently based in Houston and offers a range of oil and petroleum related services.

When Hurricane Harvey hit, the company knew that it had then become their responsibility to extend a helping hand to those who were affected by the Hurricane. The employees of the company knew that it was their responsibility to try and engage themselves in relief efforts that could help the community and those who have lost a considerable amount in the natural disaster.

During this time, a lot of the people working at Nabors decided to take a few days off to partake in relief efforts. The Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello too knew the importance of extending a helping hand to people in society, and also actively engaged himself in these relief efforts. To encourage more people to embark on these relief efforts, Petrello started to allow employees to embark on these efforts, without having to forfeit the pay that they would receive on those days. This made the employees partake even more in these relief efforts which proved to be great for the society in which they live.

One of the reasons why Petrello placed so much emphasis on the kind of charitable ventures that people have taken on is because a lot of the people working at Nabors itself were affected by the natural disaster. Almost ten percent of their entire employee population faced repercussions as a result of this disaster hitting the areas in which they live. It was only because of the help that the other colleagues working in the company offered that they were able to get once again themselves and their families situated.

Nabors hopes that in the future too, they can extend a helping hand to all those who are in need and can contribute to a better and better functioning society.

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Aloha Construction For Superior Craftsmanship

For those living in Illinois, there are many construction companies available to meet your needs. However, if you want to hire the experts who are there to help in any way that they can without it costing you a fortune, you need to consider hiring Aloha Construction. Aloha Construction is a family-run business that has been around for over a decade. They have worked with hundreds of different clients on a variety of different construction jobs. They offer series of services, from roofing to siding and everything in between.

What sets Aloha Construction apart from so many of the others is that they have two different offices throughout the state of Illinois. What this means for you is that you can hire them without being hit with a ridiculous travel fee just so that they can come out to your home. You can choose financing options through Aloha Construction if you need work done but do not have the money to get it finished right away. This financing option is dependent upon your credit score, but it can help to make a huge project much more manageable because of the fact that you can pay in monthly installments rather than one large lump sum.

Aloha Construction has been offering free home inspections and estimates for several years now. These inspections are crucial for when you need to know what is wrong with your home or when you’re going to be buying a new property and want to know if it is going to need any type of work before purchasing it. You should contact Aloha Construction if you are interested in utilizing their services and hiring them to do the work for you. The fact that these professionals are there for you when you need it the most and that they take the guesswork out of home based projects is why so many people have put their trust into this company and have found them to be a viable option for their own needs in terms of living in a secure and safe home without needing construction work to be done.

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Investing And HUman Rights Mark The Rise Of Shervin Pishevar

The career of Iranian-American entrepreneur, Shervin Pishevar has rarely moved in a direction which would have been expected by this former medical researcher who made a major splash on the global human rights environment at the age of just 21. Since making the move into business and investing, Shervin Pishevar has become one of the most successful individuals in the world of investments the graduate of the University of California has been involved as a seed or angel investor for more than 60 companies with more than $100 million in funding provided.

As an immigrant to the U.S., Shervin Pishevar has become one of the most awarded and honored individuals in the history of the nation with honors from the Office of the President, Department of Homeland Security, and the United Nations. The success he has achieved as an entrepreneur has seen Pishevar asked to join the United Nations Global Entrepreneur’s Council and to provide the keynote address at President Obama’s Entrepreneur’s Summit in Algeria.

After achieving major success as a researcher in the medical field and as an investment specialist for technology-based sectors, Shervin Pishevar has been given a number of honors from U.S. government agencies including his appointment in 2015 to the board of the William J. Fulbright Global Scholarship Foundation in recognition of his skills in education and business. The Department of Homeland Security has also honored Shervin Pishevar on a number of occasions including his choice as an “Outstanding American By Choice” which is an honor given only to naturalized citizens who have achieved much in terms of their career and education.

Prior to becoming such a well known business investor, it was once thought Picjevar would make a major impact on the world through his impressive early breakthroughs in terms of human rights. The Istanbul Protocol was developed while Pishevar was a student at the University of California with the business professional acting as co-author of the paper published by the Journal of the American Medical Society detailing the first way of recording torture events taking place across the planet.

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Highland Capital Management Making the Best of Middle Healthcare Market

Highland Capital Management Korea Limited is an investment management firm that runs a $147 million private equity capital focused on healthcare investments. This firm was founded by the National Pension Service of South Korea. The pension is currently valued at $499.8 billion with well over $400 billion in its Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute investments. According to Human Capital Management, there are specific healthcare objectives that determine how investment returns are projected. Nonetheless, these objectives are always strategic to the opportunities Highland Capital Management is able to pursue in the U.S., China and Korea. Read more about Highland Capital at

Highland Capital Management is managed by Stonebridge Capital, a private venture capital based in Korea. The investments made by HCM are normally aligned to the middle market healthcare companies in Asia and North America. HCM had reported at least $1.5 billion in their assets and fund structures as of May 2017.

The co-head and managing director of Highland Capital Management, Matt Jameson, notes that the U.S. healthcare industry is normally disrupted by a number of acute factors, especially when you are investing in the middle market. However, with the increase in demand for the U.S. to consider insured health for all persons, and the same trend in Asia, HCM has been experiencing an increased profit margin. As such, the company has come up with evolution to value-based investment structure that helps to identify potentially significant opportunities.

The management of HCM then takes into account every detail in the identified prospects before looking at possible long-only funds, credit hedge funds, special situation private equity and collateralized loan obligations. Once all these factors have been cleared, the investment firm determines whether that opportunity is worth investing into or not. HCM has also noted that there is need for investing in alternative markets such as short and long equities, emerging markets and natural resources.


As such, Highland Capital Management is considering to diversify its client base. For instance, the management has been looking into possible investment opportunities with public pension plans, high net-worth individuals, foundations, governments and fund of funds. Other competitive markets that are becoming readily available include financial institutions, corporations and endowments.

HCM has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and other offices in Seoul, Sao Paolo, Singapore and New York. The company also boosts of at least $10 million worth of investments in other parts of the world. The firm is also committed to different forms of corporate social responsibility such as financial donations, advisory board involvement and volunteerism. Visit to know more.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Bringing Fresh Breathe of Air to the Online Dating Industry

When we hear about Bumble, there is no doubt that its founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd comes to mind instantly. She started Bumble, a leading dating app, back in 2014 to empower women when it comes to dating. But, the app has revolutionized the dating industry and is worth $1 billion today. She recently was the face of the TexasMonthly magazine for their February 2018 edition. Interviewed by Sarah Hepola in May 2017, she shared her story behind how she got the idea to create a women-centric dating app. Whitney Wolfe Herd explained that being in the tech industry and a girl was difficult for many people to digest. Most people would assume that Bumble was run by a man just like other social networking websites. But, her journey to become of the leading CEOs of the top dating app was not easy.

After graduating from Southern Methodist University, she worked at another tech company before leaving it due to various issues. It was during this time that she found support from the founder of Badoo, Andrey Andreev. Badoo was then one of the top dating apps in the UK and Andrey wanted to help Whitney set up business in the US. But, Whitney Wolfe Herd already had an idea about the new app that she wanted to design and enter a space where no other has dared to enter. Whitney Wolfe Herd has considered many different names for her app such as Moxie but ended up with Bumble because it was cute and was easily memorable. Since Queen Bee played the most dominant role in the hive, she thought it was the most appropriate name for their dating app that would give the power to act to the women.

Whitney Wolfe Herd had always wanted to set Bumble apart from other dating apps, but not just with the features but by providing the users with a safe environment. It has long been seen that dating apps often end up being traps for women and sometimes men. Since there are no rules at most online dating websites, people usually end up being bullied and called names that often give online dating industry a bad name. Whitney Wolfe Herd has created a safe place with Bumble where men and women can interact without being bullied. Any individual found to be rude or sending lewd comments to other users on the app are banned for life.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Takes Over As Chairman Of Bradesco, Will Continue To Also Perform As President

Bradesco Banco is going through a number of changes with the retirement of its long-standing chairman, Lazaro de Mello Brandao. Brandao was one of the oldest standing chairmen in the entire world and had been serving as the chairman of the bank for the past twenty-five years. The announcement was made in an interview, in December last year, by Luiz Carlos Trabuco, who at that point, stood as the President of the company.

With the retirement of the chairman, the spot of the chairman at Bradesco was left empty. Bradesco has always followed the tradition of hiring people from within their own company, which is why the company decided to employ Trabuco to this position. Trabuco has had an incredible amount of experience working in the past, which is why he was seen as a perfect fit for this position. Even though Trabuco was supposed to retire this year upon reaching the age of sixty-five, however, the company decided to wave this for Trabuco as they gave him the position of chairman. However, this leaves the position of President open, which now has to be filled by another member of the company. Currently, Trabuco is serving as the President and Chairman of the company.

The tradition of hiring a person from within the company itself was something that they have always stood by. This is so that they can maintain the integrity of the company, and so that they can always have leaders who work for the best of the company. This has also helped them ensure that the people working at the company are always acting in their best interest.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been working for Bradesco since the start of his career. One of the first endeavors that Trabuco had was when he started working at Bradesco at the age of seventeen. He was working at one of the bank’s branches as a bank teller and stayed in that position for a few years before he was promoted to a better position within the company. He then worked his way up the ladder and ultimately get up to several high positions within the company.


One of the more prominent positions that he was at while working at the company was at the position of President of the banking and insurance sector within Bradesco. He was responsible for the incredible growth that the company had seen during that time. He was considered to be a notable person at the company, and seeing his success, was then promoted to a better position at the main headquarters of the company.

As the President of Bradesco, Trabuco did an incredible amount to contribute to the growth of the company. When Trabuco first took over as the President, Bradesco was at the second position in the banking sector. When he took over, Trabuco decided to focus his efforts on improving the services that the company provided. He focused on expansion which in turn led to the growth of the company. Bradesco currently stands as the top banking corporation in Brazil, and a lot of it was because of the incredible work that Trabuco did.

Bradesco has not yet released any statement about who they are thinking of selecting to the position of President, but are set to release some word of it towards the end of the financial year. The President will most likely be announced at the shareholders meeting according to There are several people who are in the running for President, and analysts all over the country have released statements talking about their predictions on who the next President of Bradesco will be.

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Anthony Petrello Goes From Working-Class Kid To Highest Paid CEO

Consistent hard work and developing his natural talents are what helped to make Nabors Industries CEO Anthony Petrello a success. His caring soul molded by the ethos in the Newark, New Jersey community is which he was raised has fueled his commitment to philanthropy and is what drives him to give millions to charity each year. This explains how a kid with a love for math went from a working-class neighborhood with poor schools to earning scholarships to Yale and Harvard and became America’s highest paid CEO in 2014 when he was paid over $68 million.

People who knew Anthony Petrello growing say he spent his free time working on complex linear algebra and differential calculus math problems while other kids his age were out playing and having fun. They weren’t surprised when he got a scholarship to Yale to study under Serge Lang, a world-renowned mathematician. As expected, he got his bachelor’s and mater’s degree in mathematics. What surprised everyone was when he went to Harvard Law School, earned a juris doctor and was hired by white shoe law firm Baker & McKenzie in 1986.

Petrello’s legendary work ethic and intelligence led to him quickly becoming managing partner of the law firm’s Manhattan office. That got the attention of Baker & McKenzie’s powerful client, oil and gas juggernaut Nabors Industries. The company was recovering from financial issues when they hired Anthony Petrello as their COO in 1991.

He instantly turned the company around, signed the largest deals in their history and had them prospering again. As a result, they promoted Petrello to president, CEO and board chairman. In 2014, his compensation package exceeded $68 million.

At Nabors Industries Anthony Petrello made savvy investments, created thousands of high-paying jobs and earned the respect and admiration of others in the industry. Petrello also generously shares his wealth, regularly giving millions to charity each year. When his daughter was born with cerebral palsy, Anthony Petrello gave almost $10 million to Texas Children’s Hospital and helped them raise hundreds of millions to build one of the world’s best neurological treatment and research facilities. He also gives of his time, talent and resources to improve medical treatment for suffering children worldwide.

The success of Anthony Petrello, a kid from a working-class background, serves as an excellent example of what is possible when people use hard work to make the most out of their talents.

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George Soros Charity Work

George Soros is undoubtedly one of the greatest philanthropists of this century. The Hungarian-born billionaire investor and entrepreneur has so far donated over $32 billion to Open Society Foundatios, according to the New York Times. Besides that Soros is also the founder and major funder of the Central European University in Budapest. He founded the University to cater to the needs of deserving students as well as promoted critical thinking through social sciences. The 87-year-old tycoon has dedicated almost the entire of his life helping people around the world. He is also a major promoter of democracy and civil rights.

Under his auspices, the Open Society Foundation has been able to support various human rights organizations as well as charity groups. Open Society Foundations has also been paying school fees for thousands of needy students around the world. George Soros recently revealed that he was going to donate $18 billion to the Foundations. This comes as a surprise since it has never happened before. The donation has lifted the status of Open Society Foundations as the second largest charity organization in the United States after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

George Soros has been focused on helping marginalized groups in the society such as minority communities, LGBT individuals, sex workers among others. The foundation operates in more than 120 countries around the world. According to Forbes magazine, George Soros through the Open Society Foundations has so far donated over $14 billion. His legacy as a philanthropist started way back in 1979 when he started offering scholarships to black South African students under the Apartheid rule.

In the U.S, George Soros name feature in various sectors. As a champion of democracy, he has sponsored several presidential candidates, especially from the Democratic Party. His objective has always been to promote justice and peace in all spheres of life. Besides, in the recent years, the Foundation has been actively engaged in promoting and funding activities of the LGBTI community. This is because the group receives minimal funding from the federal government and is often victimized.

Early this year, the Open Society Foundations announced that Soros had donated $18 billion to the foundation. According to the officials of the foundation, Soros intends to channel most of his fortune to the society. In his old age, George Soros has been actively traveling and engaging with  Foundation’s activities across the world. He wants to see that his desires are achieved and that those who need his support get it in the easiest way possible.

George Soros has done what many people would not have imagined could be done. He has built an organization which has had an impact on the lives of millions of people all over the world. He has tried to open up closed societies and raise the voices of the voiceless. Through his charity work, most students have been able to access higher education, minority groups have been able to get justice in oppressive governments, and civil societies have received funding to carry on with their work, among others.

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