How Whitney Wolfe Herd Found Stunning Success With The Dating App Bumble

Whitney Wolfe Herd is the founder and chief executive officer of Bumble, the fastest-growing dating application the world. It has more than 22 million users with more joining it every day. For being just 28 years old she has found a great deal of success and has plans to expand upon this mobile app in other ways. She recently made an appearance on Forbes cover when she was named one of businesses 30 Under 30 list which credits those under the age of 30 who have made a big impact in their industries. The app Whitney Wolfe Herd came up with is one that puts women in charge. Only they can start contact with another user of Bumble. This changes the game because women feel much more comfortable using this app due to the fact men can’t harass them through it.

It also leads to a better dating pool as men need to clean up their act if they expect a woman to swipe right on them. This flips on its head the thousands of years of history where it’s mostly men pursuing women rather than the other way around. When facing rejection using Bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd says it is best to not take it personally. Everyone has their personal and just because you don’t meet what someone else desires doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you. She adds that it is alright to let some things work out and other things fail. Once you’re confident you can do you regardless of who you’re with.In 2017, Whitney Wolfe Herd and her team launched great app Bumble Bizz.

This is an app for people to build professional networks, particularly women. The app allows people to add their professional resume, photos that have been verified, as well as work examples and business skills. The goal of this app is to build a network and find mentors. It’s not for searching for a job or recruiting a candidate.Whitney Wolfe Herd is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah and now resides in Austin, Texas. She is a graduate of Southern Methodist University. After she graduated she left for Southeast Asia where she volunteered at a couple of orphanages. When she returned to the United States she became an entrepreneur in the mobile tech industry. She got married in Italy in 2017 to Michael Herd is a restauranteur and an executive in the oil and gas industry.

Selecting A Reliable Financial Institution

NexBank Capital is a financial services company in the Dallas, Texas, area. Nexbank announced the completion of a multi-million dollar deal with certain high net worth and institutional investors. The transaction involved private placement of its subordinated notes with these investors.

Choosing a good bank will certainly provide you with numerous benefits. Although there are many banks and financial institutions out there you need to do your home work before making a decision.

Nexbank is a renowned bank and has a great reputation in the industry. The bank offers affordable banking services to residents of Dallas and surrounding areas.

Consider accounts and fees when deciding on a bank. Get a consultation with a bank advisor and review the various accounts offered and fees charged. Remember that all banks or financial institutions are not created equal. It is crucial to select a bank that charges reasonable fees and won’t charge customers a monthly maintenance fee or charge customers for not maintaining a minimum balance.

It is a good idea to look around the websites of several banks and other financial institutions in your area to find out which ones have a network of ATMs and branches – and whether they are suitable for your needs. For a better understanding of rate offerings among banks, use one of the reliable resources online, which posts regularly updated rates on certificates of deposit, checking accounts, savings accounts and more.

Access to 24/7 customer service is an important consideration. Whatever it is, once you have identified a bank that offers what you need, you can open your bank account and start enjoying the quality services you desire.

If you research banks in the Dallas, Texas, area you’ll discover that Nexbank is a great bank and has been around for decades. Nexbank is well known for rendering top notch financial products and services and has numerous satisfied customers.

Nexbank caters to both individual and business customers and its advisors are highly committed to meeting the needs of customers. These professionals take the time to go over their customers’ situation and help them in selecting the right banking options for them.

Join The NexBank Network For Financial Growth Opportunities

NexBank Chooses Advanced Technology Solution For Finance Options

Get advanced technology solutions to meet your financial goals. They’re one of the largest financial institutions in Austin, Texas. Their CEO and professional businessman, John Holt, helps his customers save on the features the big banks don’t want you to know about. NexBank is backed by over $50.4 billion dollars in assets. They focus on personalized, commercial, and industrial accounts. They have been proudly serving their local area customers for over 25+ years with superior financial expertise. Partner with the leaders in the financial industry and minimize the amount of fees you spend on your account features.

Why More Customers Are Choosing NexBank

They offer a personalized financial design model, ready to help your financial growth. They give you more incentives for trusting their financial institute with tour hard earned money. You can take a vacation or save up for a small business. That’s right; NexBank has an investment program to help their customers save money. They have also become a very popular online banking provider with thousands of customers nationwide. Become a part of the trusted financial NexBank family and have your money backed by FDIC insurance.

NexBank Services & Features

You can buy a home for the first time with the popular mortgage tab feature on the NexBank website. They allow their patrons to by their first home with cheaper monthly mortgage payments and interest rates. They help you realize your dreams of being a homeowner.

Save more money for college with their college savings feature with over 1,200+ programs. You can get the money you need for books and other college expenses. In fact, their program cuts down on the costs of tuition and huge student loan debt. They have been able to make this deal possible through a partnership with college savings bank.

Go directly to their website to learn more about their service es and advanced financial technology designed to help you save.

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Is Taking Cancer Treatments To The Next Level

At The Cancer Treatment Centers of America, they have employees that have taken patients satisfaction to a whole new level. When it comes to the patients care they are always looking for ways to improve. Along with always improving they are also always looking for new ways to put more passion into the work environment. They do this to make sure that each and every patient is treating with the highest quality service that they possibly can be.

When it comes to the center’s employees instead of being just called employees they are called stakeholders. The reason that most of the employees happen to be called stakeholders is mostly due to the fact of how much hard work they put in every day to help their patients in the fight against cancer. This title helps encourage the employees to work even harder because it helps them realize how much they are actually helping all of the patients.

Currently, the hospital proudly has 5 different locations which are happily located in 5 different states across the United States. With each of these hospitals, they are able to offer amazing career opportunities to many different individuals from all over the United States. So many locations make the chances of them fighting cancer even higher for the center.

The center was very first founded in 1988. Ever since the center was first founded they have kept their sight on the fight for cancer. They strive for each patient to continue improving center’s treatments. They also like to make sure that each patient’s treatment is suited to treat their exact form of cancer that they have.

The Center has always strived to better the way that they carry out their treatments. One way that they are able to do this is by changing their treatments as new discoveries are made. This not only is a lot better for the patients but it also increases the center’s chances of figuring out how to bet cancer.

When it comes to The Cancer Centers of Americas teams they happen to have an extremely qualified Oncologist team. This happens to also be a team who have always worked with cancer patients therefore, they are better qualified to help with the treatments of cancer patients at the center. No matter how much time it takes the employees at the center continue to work their hardest to better understand cancer and the different forms of it. They are determined to continue on with their research until over time they have been able to help each and every patient that comes into the center beat their fight against cancer and remain cancer free for many more years to come. This has always remained to be The Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s biggest goal.

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Tony Petrello Offers Employees Paid Offs To Help Victims Of Hurricain Harvey

One of the best determinants of whether or not a company cares about its people in the community and society, one can look at the way they respond after any natural disaster. Companies that care about the people usually jump in to help them in whatever way they can, as soon as the disaster strikes. One of the more recent natural disasters that hit our country was Hurricane Harvey. The natural disaster was one of the most devastating that hit the Houston area in Texas. For one company, this was much closer to home than they would have anticipated. Nabors Industries is currently based in Houston and offers a range of oil and petroleum related services.

When Hurricane Harvey hit, the company knew that it had then become their responsibility to extend a helping hand to those who were affected by the Hurricane. The employees of the company knew that it was their responsibility to try and engage themselves in relief efforts that could help the community and those who have lost a considerable amount in the natural disaster.

During this time, a lot of the people working at Nabors decided to take a few days off to partake in relief efforts. The Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello too knew the importance of extending a helping hand to people in society, and also actively engaged himself in these relief efforts. To encourage more people to embark on these relief efforts, Petrello started to allow employees to embark on these efforts, without having to forfeit the pay that they would receive on those days. This made the employees partake even more in these relief efforts which proved to be great for the society in which they live.

One of the reasons why Petrello placed so much emphasis on the kind of charitable ventures that people have taken on is because a lot of the people working at Nabors itself were affected by the natural disaster. Almost ten percent of their entire employee population faced repercussions as a result of this disaster hitting the areas in which they live. It was only because of the help that the other colleagues working in the company offered that they were able to get once again themselves and their families situated.

Nabors hopes that in the future too, they can extend a helping hand to all those who are in need and can contribute to a better and better functioning society.

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Todd Lubar in the real estate

Todd Lubar has been in the real estate business for over twenty years now. He says that the major motivating factor in the business is the fact that he seeks to help out customers to fulfill their financial goals and dreams. This only goes for the willing ones because a lot of people do dream about where they would like to live and go but only a few get moving towards making their dreams come true. He mostly helps these people by enabling them to get rid of any obstacles that might prevent them from being able to access loans. He gets to provide the clients with what they are looking for that is mostly the relief.


According to Inspirery, Todd says that the business has not always been a smooth ride all the way. He has encountered failure at one time which made him almost give up his dreams, but he rose again to become successful. He also says that patience is key in order to succeed because it takes a while to get grounded in any business. While he was working with Crestar Mortgage Corporation, Todd got vast experience dealing with real estate services, and in the process, he created good connections and was able to get customers from referrals. Todd also says that one should also not underestimate the importance of search engines like Google when looking for real estate properties. For more details visit



As an entrepreneur, Todd Lubar says that hard work is very essential. According to him an entrepreneur should work until he cannot work anymore, take a rest and keep going. Another essential thing that an entrepreneur should never take for granted is the power of honesty, transparency, and communication. This is important in creating trust with your customers. The greatest feeling for him is when he helps other people to build up their companies from the start. Todd is very excited about the industry and its potential to grow and move forward.


In 1995 Todd joined the real estate world as part of the Crestar mortgage industry, where he was sure that his desire to help others build their homes would be the career that would finance his life and business ventures. In 1999 he joined the legacy financial group and got to grow and broker loans. In 2003 Todd opened the charter funding. He has been working in the industry for over twenty years. Check out Medium for more.

Aloha Construction For Superior Craftsmanship

For those living in Illinois, there are many construction companies available to meet your needs. However, if you want to hire the experts who are there to help in any way that they can without it costing you a fortune, you need to consider hiring Aloha Construction. Aloha Construction is a family-run business that has been around for over a decade. They have worked with hundreds of different clients on a variety of different construction jobs. They offer series of services, from roofing to siding and everything in between.

What sets Aloha Construction apart from so many of the others is that they have two different offices throughout the state of Illinois. What this means for you is that you can hire them without being hit with a ridiculous travel fee just so that they can come out to your home. You can choose financing options through Aloha Construction if you need work done but do not have the money to get it finished right away. This financing option is dependent upon your credit score, but it can help to make a huge project much more manageable because of the fact that you can pay in monthly installments rather than one large lump sum.

Aloha Construction has been offering free home inspections and estimates for several years now. These inspections are crucial for when you need to know what is wrong with your home or when you’re going to be buying a new property and want to know if it is going to need any type of work before purchasing it. You should contact Aloha Construction if you are interested in utilizing their services and hiring them to do the work for you. The fact that these professionals are there for you when you need it the most and that they take the guesswork out of home based projects is why so many people have put their trust into this company and have found them to be a viable option for their own needs in terms of living in a secure and safe home without needing construction work to be done.

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Investing And HUman Rights Mark The Rise Of Shervin Pishevar

The career of Iranian-American entrepreneur, Shervin Pishevar has rarely moved in a direction which would have been expected by this former medical researcher who made a major splash on the global human rights environment at the age of just 21. Since making the move into business and investing, Shervin Pishevar has become one of the most successful individuals in the world of investments the graduate of the University of California has been involved as a seed or angel investor for more than 60 companies with more than $100 million in funding provided.

As an immigrant to the U.S., Shervin Pishevar has become one of the most awarded and honored individuals in the history of the nation with honors from the Office of the President, Department of Homeland Security, and the United Nations. The success he has achieved as an entrepreneur has seen Pishevar asked to join the United Nations Global Entrepreneur’s Council and to provide the keynote address at President Obama’s Entrepreneur’s Summit in Algeria.

After achieving major success as a researcher in the medical field and as an investment specialist for technology-based sectors, Shervin Pishevar has been given a number of honors from U.S. government agencies including his appointment in 2015 to the board of the William J. Fulbright Global Scholarship Foundation in recognition of his skills in education and business. The Department of Homeland Security has also honored Shervin Pishevar on a number of occasions including his choice as an “Outstanding American By Choice” which is an honor given only to naturalized citizens who have achieved much in terms of their career and education.

Prior to becoming such a well known business investor, it was once thought Picjevar would make a major impact on the world through his impressive early breakthroughs in terms of human rights. The Istanbul Protocol was developed while Pishevar was a student at the University of California with the business professional acting as co-author of the paper published by the Journal of the American Medical Society detailing the first way of recording torture events taking place across the planet.

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Highland Capital Management Making the Best of Middle Healthcare Market

Highland Capital Management Korea Limited is an investment management firm that runs a $147 million private equity capital focused on healthcare investments. This firm was founded by the National Pension Service of South Korea. The pension is currently valued at $499.8 billion with well over $400 billion in its Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute investments. According to Human Capital Management, there are specific healthcare objectives that determine how investment returns are projected. Nonetheless, these objectives are always strategic to the opportunities Highland Capital Management is able to pursue in the U.S., China and Korea. Read more about Highland Capital at

Highland Capital Management is managed by Stonebridge Capital, a private venture capital based in Korea. The investments made by HCM are normally aligned to the middle market healthcare companies in Asia and North America. HCM had reported at least $1.5 billion in their assets and fund structures as of May 2017.

The co-head and managing director of Highland Capital Management, Matt Jameson, notes that the U.S. healthcare industry is normally disrupted by a number of acute factors, especially when you are investing in the middle market. However, with the increase in demand for the U.S. to consider insured health for all persons, and the same trend in Asia, HCM has been experiencing an increased profit margin. As such, the company has come up with evolution to value-based investment structure that helps to identify potentially significant opportunities.

The management of HCM then takes into account every detail in the identified prospects before looking at possible long-only funds, credit hedge funds, special situation private equity and collateralized loan obligations. Once all these factors have been cleared, the investment firm determines whether that opportunity is worth investing into or not. HCM has also noted that there is need for investing in alternative markets such as short and long equities, emerging markets and natural resources.


As such, Highland Capital Management is considering to diversify its client base. For instance, the management has been looking into possible investment opportunities with public pension plans, high net-worth individuals, foundations, governments and fund of funds. Other competitive markets that are becoming readily available include financial institutions, corporations and endowments.

HCM has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and other offices in Seoul, Sao Paolo, Singapore and New York. The company also boosts of at least $10 million worth of investments in other parts of the world. The firm is also committed to different forms of corporate social responsibility such as financial donations, advisory board involvement and volunteerism. Visit to know more.

Talkspace Builds Trust With Anonymous Sessions

The ubiquitous smartphone have altered how many individuals converse and interact with others. A study conducted in South Korea have revealed that more than ten percent of teenagers using the internet are at risk for an onset of depression. A professional therapy service that’s only available online called Talkspace, has utilized this ongoing trend and hopes others will seek consultation and help with their app service. Seeking therapy in an instant from anywhere that’s wi-fi enabled has becoming increasingly popular, there are over half a million people using Talkspace that connect with the service’s 1,000 licensed professional therapists. It is also becoming more favored because the app’s therapy plans are quite inexpensive in comparison to in-person therapy sessions.

Talkspace is a privately held app therapy company that allows its users to access sessions online and with mobile devices. The New York City-based company was founded by Oren Frank and Roni Frank in 2012. Oren Frank currently serves as the CEO of Talkspace and used to be a columnist for the Huffington Post. Depending on the payment plan, users can choose their own therapist for multiple sessions from anywhere at any time. The therapists are all licensed and have undergone a vigorous background check before becoming one of Talkspace’s team of professionals.

The company’s therapists offer their expertise on issues pertaining to depression, life-challenges, anxiety, marriage counseling and a myriad of other topics for discussion. They engage with their patients and hope to help them to create a positive future. With the Talkspace app, users will be offered unlimited texting as well as sessions via video chat if applicable. The company respects the privacy of each user and their data and sessions are kept safe and confidential. They even offer the choice for the user to remain anonymous during their therapy session.