Is Brown Modeling Agency The Real Deal?

The modeling and entertainment industries are huge and both tend to feed off each others success. Individuals can earn huge profits from working in these two dynamic fields. There is one agency that has revolutionized the modeling and talent personnel by combining two distinct companies into one. This combination is known as Brown Agency. Thanks to its founder Justin Brown, the agency has been able to expand its borders into bigger markets. This has allowed Brown Modeling Agency to compete with larger, more well-known agencies. The talented personnel here spans across numerous fields such as promotional, runway, print, industrial video, conventions, tradeshow, corporate events, film and television.

This recipe of success has also helped the agency earn its recognition. The company’s staff has the time-consuming privilege of watching over up to 450 individuals. That’s right! There are many tricks of the trade in this business. The small staff here takes their jobs very serious. Every part of the professionalism starts here with the actual training, prepping and photography. This efficiency has helped to build connections with other agencies in New York City and in Los Angeles. This huge amount of diverse talent can cater to many different markets, and these markets all have different tastes. The number breakdowns are estimated to about 15 percent of non-commercial union jobs, 10 percent of union jobs and around 20 percent of actual modeling jobs. That’s a really good breakdown in which it covers many sectors of business. Check out their website

Having such great ability to evolve with the times has helped the agency compete on a much higher level. Though the agency is headquartered in Austin, it also has satellite offices in Dallas. In order to help meet the demands of this industry, Brown Modeling Agency has many open calls in the immediate area. Texas is full of talented individuals and this agency is constantly on the lookout for more talent. Its official website even allows aspiring talent to submit their work straight to the agency itself. Brown Modeling Agency is absolutely the real deal and there are many clients who will backup all claims.