How George Soros Has Committed His Life To Charity

George Soros is a good example of leaders who commit their lives to humanitarian initiatives. What he has achieved in the sector of investment and philanthropy has earned him global admiration.

Through his endurance and hard work, he has successfully secured a place for himself in the corporate world. The numerous obstacles he came across while growing up played a great role in defining who he is today. It’s by sheer luck that his family survived after his hometown fell victim to the Nazi Occupation. Nevertheless, the hardships that came along with the invasion made him believe more in his dreams. Right now, George Soros is a proponent of programs which act as platforms to push for justice and freedom for everyone.

When George fled his homeland, his first stop was the UK where he joined the London School of Economics. Even though he came across many stumbling blocks, he finally managed to graduate and later undertook menial jobs just to sustain himself. At LSE he met Professor Karl Popper who taught him a lot of stuff among them the philosophy of open societies and organizations whose core values are transparency, justice, and accountability. Besides having these principles enshrined in his businesses and philanthropies, George has also earned himself a place in history as an activist.

One of George’s most noticeable traits is his kind personality. He has taken part in various noble initiatives including pushing for the rights of black students in South Africa during apartheid. He helped to fund scholarships for black students so that they could be beneficiaries of a decent education.

As a way of positively giving back to society, George would help mentor people of integrity into leadership posts. In the successive American General elections, George who is a billionaire has assisted in funding the campaigns of aspiring presidential candidates such as Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama. He even offered $1 million so that it could aid Barrack Obama in earning a second term as president. Similarly, he supported Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid and learn more about George Soros.

George Soros charities are under the Open Societies Foundations through which he has impacted on the lives of many people who are oppressed. He has widely advocated for democracy and transparency in most governments. That is besides being an ardent believer of individuals working together to birth these type of politics and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros has made it to the list of wealthiest individuals on the globe. He was shortlisted as number 19 among the wealthiest people by the Forbes Magazine. This ranking was in February 2017. He registered a net worth of close to $25.2 billion. Other than that, he has also made himself a name as the world’s most distinguished financial investment managers and more information click here.

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