Edisoft: Bringing Efficacy into Global Supply Chain Performance

The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in regards to supply chain performance has changed over the years from the traditional on-time performance analysis to the multimode and multi-leg efficiency analysis for a particular shipment. For any transportation means, be it road, ocean, air, or rail, traders nowadays demand that the carrier must be efficient right from customs clearance to the final delivery (http://www.edisoft.com/frequently-asked-questions-edisoft-edi.php). Thanks to technology advancements, traders can track their cargo and assess if their carriers give them value for money in the long run. The Internet of Things, for example, is a tool that has come a long way in changing how global trading is done. In a nutshell, metrics across functions are the new KPIs for business persons across the world.


Breaking Down Supply Chain Performance


One important factor that every trader must take into account is if a shipment is international or domestic; domestic shipments are relatively cheaper, take lesser time, and are more efficiently done compared to international shipments. When gauging the supply chain’s performance, it is always prudent to note the different costs that come with each one of them. Documentation is also necessary so that if for example, in the case of international shipments, the parties involved are many, the whole process can be easily audited and verified. Every party must be clear and accurate in its documentation so that any second party that ends up using the documented data can have an easy time understanding it. For example, the party involved in sourcing the shipment from the origin must put everything on record so that the carrier can be able to follow through and understand how the process should be followed.



Edisoft® is a 22-year old software company that is headquartered in Toronto, ON, but with a global reaching. The company primarily develops platforms and software for business persons across the world to develop their supply chains.


Edisoft is privately held and has an employee population of about 50 people. Besides Ontario, the company has an office in Miami, FL that seeks to improve services for manufacturers and distributors in the USA


Among the areas of specialty that Edisoft is best known for include in developing supply chain management platform, GS1 compliance & EDI compliance, and order management among several others.