Reasons Why Omar Yunes is the World’s Best Franchisee

Omar Yunes, the Sushi Itto franchisee recently scooped the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) award. Omar Yunes became a franchisee of Sushi Itto, a food chain with a Japanese origin when he was 21 years old and currently runs 13 units spread across Puebla, Veracruz and Mexico City. This represents 10% of the total number of units owned by the brand. Omar Yunes was extremely proud of the achievement but did not take the whole credit, he instead dedicated the prize to all the 400 employees who work in his 13 units. He stated that he was just a representative and the real winners were his employees.

2015 BFW Edition

In 2015, the BFW edition was graced by representatives drawn from thirty four countries that included Portugal, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, France, Hungary and Argentina. During the edition, the franchisee was evaluated and the judges considered the effect that it had on the whole network and not just the brand alone. They considered various aspects such as the amount of influence it had on the network, savings implemented, contributions of knowledge, employee motivation strategies and the amount of improvements and invoice a franchisee had projected to the model.

Why Did Omar Yunes Win?

Diego Elizarrarras, the person who organized BFW Mexico, revealed that Omar made the cut due to the crucial change factor he had brought to the franchising-franchisee relationship. Omar had also achieved a greater management of information as well as executing great control boards that resulted in each unit having clearer measurements. Benjamin Cancelmo, the chief executive officer of Sushi Itto, in a quick rejoinder stated that the food chain appreciated the awards as they depicted their combined efforts towards offering their customers with great service, unique hospitality and remarkable flavor.

About Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is a leading Sushi Itto franchisee with 13 units to his name. Omar has a passion for the food business industry and this makes him a great franchisee. He has created over 400 jobs through his 13 units and is renowned for remunerating his employees well in order for them to help him realize his company goals. His adept leadership skills have enabled his businesses to stand out in the sector.