Rick Smith: Bringing Innovation to Communication

People are social organisms. We have to communicate in order for us to remain sane and fit. Everywhere we look today, we can find traces of communication, and we can see how people are using their devices to communicate. The same thing applies inside correctional facilities. Inmates are given a chance to communicate with their family using the services being provided by prison telecommunications companies like Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies have grown in recent years to become one of the largest prison telecommunications companies in America. The said growth can be attributed to the passion of Rick Smith – the company’s present chief executive officer – to make Securus Techologies the leading company in the prison telecommunications industry. Rick Smith has been working day and night to ensure that the technological innovations that Securus Technologies have are working perfectly. He has been actively testing the products making sure that it works according to their design.

Rick Smith has a degree in Electrical Engineering and Business Administration, and long before he became the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies, he has been working with several telecommunications companies, giving him enough experience and an edge in the industry. His first job was at Frontier Corporation, being an employee that is actively assigned in different departments. After working for a number of years, he noticed that his career is stagnant and it won’t go up, so he decided to resign and shifted to Eschelon Telecom, Inc. At Eschelon Telecom Inc., he was promoted to the upper management, ultimately becoming the company’s chief executive officer. He is vital is making Eschelon Telecom Inc. one of the most profitable business in the early 2000s, and he managed to increase their revenue significantly. He joined Securus Technologies in 2008, and after being chosen by the board of directors, he became the chief executive officer.

The policy of Rick Smith in running the company is simple – be innovative and creative. Securus Technologies has been reported to spend almost $600 million just to protect their patents and inventions, and according to Rick Smith, this investment is important because this is how they can protect their company from knock off versions that could paint the image of the company in a bad light.Today, the roster of products of Securus Technologies is offering to correctional facilities includes video calling booths which records and displays video in real time; a biometrics technology which makes organizing prisoners easier; a comprehensive CCTV camera system which records high quality videos; and several other products that are being used by the authorities to make sure that prisoners inside the correctional facilities will be far away from harm. Rick Smith is optimistic that Securus Technologies will one day dominate the industry.