Highland Capital Management Supprts the Community

An SEC investment advisor known as Highland Capital Management has about $15.4 billion in assets in conjunction with its affiliates. Highland Capital Management was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993 and is now one of the most experienced and largest global credit managers. Highland Capital Management handles credit hedge funds, separate accounts, credit strategies, and loan obligations, to name a few. They also provide alternative investments including natural resources, and emerging markets, to name a few examples.


The client of Highland Capital Management is primarily made up of endowments, corporations, foundations, public pension plans, and fund of funds, governments, financial institutions, and individuals with a high net-worth. Highland Capital Management is based out of Dallas, Texas and has its offices stationed in Sao Paolo, Singapore, Seoul, and New York.


Community is very important to Highland Capital Management and the company stays very involved in good causes. They invest financially as well as through volunteerism and advisory board involvement. Highland Capital Management proudly invests in the very communities where their employees live and work and are very committed to making their mark in a positive way. Highland Capital Management has made generous donations to both local and national organizations and since 2005 have committed over $10 million to various organizations all over the world.


Highland Capital Management has recently closed a healthcare equity fund with a total of $147 million in capital commitments. The primary investor of the fund is South Korea’s National Pension Service and it was incepted in 1998.


Highland Capital Management will work with Stonebridge Capital in Asia and the strategy developed with their partners is aligned with the interests of Highland Capital Management. North America and Asia are the main targets of the fund and there are more than $1.5 billion in healthcare assets under management.

Eric Pulier’s Journey to the Ultimate Success

To become what we intended to be, there is need to remain focused on the things that we hold important. The will is always there, but the only problem is the persistence and patience of seeing things through. People are all different but with self-awareness, we all can do great things in life. Pulier is one such great man who realized his purpose early in life and has not turned back ever since.


Eric achieved his success as a young man; some would say a boy. He started working while still at high school and by the time he was graduating, he had founded his own company. So who is Eric Pulier? He is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, public speaker, technologist and published author among other accomplishments. His journey into the technology world started way back in high school where he had already established his passion in computer programming. His journey as a public speaker and an author started back in Harvard University where he contributed to the school’s magazine as a columnist.


Immediately after graduating from Harvard, Eric founded his company named People Doing Things. It was through this company that he stared his philanthropic work. Giving back to the society and helping the sick, especially the children, was something he enjoyed doing. In a move to help children with diabetes, he programmed a game that helped kids understand how the human body works and how the insulin works. While still giving back to the society, Eric has invested in multiple charitable organizations with the sole aim of making life better for the less fortunate and the sick. Among the organizations or platforms he has created to help the sick include the Multiple Sclerosis Society, which is aimed at creating awareness to people living with the condition. He also created the first private social media platform called Starbright World, which brought children with chronic diseases together allowing them to share their experiences.


Eric Pulier stays in Los Angeles, California with his four children. He is not just an expert in business, but he also gives time to each and every important aspect of his life, his kids included. To him, persistence and bringing dreams to life is what has led to his success.


In the span of five years many United State Universities have been immensely targeted by brow-beating, strong-armed social protest and sanction’s groups. There has also been a rise in noble philanthropic Jewish/Israel organizations who tirelessly invest in counter-attacking these rhetorical antagonistic movements. In the past, despite their best efforts these attacks were on the rise. There have been countless reports of intimidation, grotesque prejudice action and even physical abuse on those who are pro-Israel. These anti-Semitic groups are financially backed nationwide and systematically arranged internally within these hate organizations. These groups (over 200 SJP chapters) would even hire on-campus students whose tenure commission was to act as anti-Israel anarchists and the truth of the matter is most are pro Palestine. At one point as a result of their international and national collective effort, they were no match for the heroic few that challenged them.


The wise old phrase,” The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” would seem to amply apply here if it were not for the founding of a virtuous grass-roots student activist group at UMN. SSI has now developed into a vast pro-Israel (both Jewish and non-Jewish) force with more support and resources than the hate groups. SSI has been integral in hindering the movements of SJP. One instance occurred when the SJP erected a discriminating anti-Jewish wall at Columbia University. SSI erected a much larger wall across from it. SSI has over 50 chapters now and is successful in countering hate attacks by defending Israel proactively.

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The Milstein Family Foundation charitably supports the Boots On the Ground SSI financially and by bringing awareness to its great cause. Adam Milstein is a renowned philanthropist, activist and real estate entrepreneur who has been a spearheaded defender of Israel. Milstein is co-founder of the Israeli-American Council and has been named one of The Most Influential Do-Gooders in the World. He is also noted as one of “The Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life”. Adam Milstein is a super-connector, uniting champions and defenders of Israel for the common good.

Norman Pattiz – article recap

Norman Pattiz is the founder and chairman of Westwood one and Podcast one. He was featured in an exclusive article in the Forbes magazine in May 2016. The described him as a celebrity with infused great hits, and he also explained to them the key elements in money making.

President Clinton, in the year 2000 Mr. Norman to manage the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/network-chairman-norman-pattiz-announces-230000022.html

This committee controlled dominant broadcasting stations such as Voice of America, Radio Liberty and much more which as a whole attracted over forty million followers. His outstanding effort in the board led to his reappointment by President Bush to operate the same board during his tenure as President.

As the Executive Chairman of Podcast One, Norman Pattiz in collaboration with Edison Research VP of Tom Webster Today conducted the first ever research on pre-campaign and Post-campaign to boost podcast advertisers. This campaign was carried out in the second half of the year 2016 in the different studies to examine the performance of podcast advertising for five brands.

They used some well-known brands, launched new messaging, and least known brands with the aim of developing awareness and trial. Before they commenced the podcast advertising surveys, an online survey by audiences of leading brands was conducted. Approximately four to six weeks was allocated for each of the five products with the same methodology in each.

The results from this research were significantly positive. The report was released on the 9th of February 2016 which included the outcome of the advertising tests with five prime national consumer brands over five product and service categories. The main findings are highlighted below;

More than 60% of the listeners pointed out a particular grocery brand in the post-campaign compared to the 7% in the prestudy.

Product awareness significantly increased from pre-study to post-study in different fields; 47% for financial services for the product, 37% for automobile market and 24% for the lawn and garden products.

The post-study revealed that more than one-third of the respondents were favorable to the automobile aftermarket product which was an increase from the 18% of the pre-study. 16% in the prestudy expressed they were likely to use the lawn and garden product, which went up to the 22 in the post-study.

A message campaign for an automobile aftermarket product increased by 60% from pre to post-study and a 76% increase for casual dining restaurants. All this brought about by awareness of the products.

Arthur Beck Leads Companies to Success

Arthur Becker is the CEO and Chairman of Zinio and has a history in the technology and different application management services. He was previously invested in other companies including Vera Wang Fashion and NaviSite to name a few. Becker has been very successful over the past years and today continues that success leading Zinio. He has been the CEO of several companies over the years and this helped him become more noticed in both the real estate and technology worlds. Currently, Beck invests in several different developments that build townhouses and other living complexes for people whether they are either sold or leased. Becker owns properties far apart as New York and Florida and all over in between. Beck was also married to Vera Wang, a fashion designer, for 23 years so he got into the fashion industry in many different ways as well. All of this is what inspired Beck to stay in business and make a career out of being a businessman and eventually a CEO and owner. Check out Crunchbase for more info.

According to Huffington Post, Arthur Beck is an alumnus of Bennington College as well as Tuck Business School at Dartmouth where he went from 1969-1974. Beck works at Managing Director at the Madison Technology Group LLC and also a Managing Member of the Atlantic Investors LLC. Beck currently works in real estate and groundbreaking bio-ventures. Zinio has become the largest digital newsstand in the world and Beck is the Chairman and CEO as he has been for about 5 years now. He was also a Senior Advisor to the Vera Wang fashion design company for 7 years as well as he held a position at a private investor in technology a company called NaviSite which ultimately ended up being sold to Times Warner in 2011. You can visit Inspirery to know more.

Arthur Beck sites that his main inspirations in life come from working with the very people who inspired him to get into the industries he has gotten into. Beck is also inspired by how things work such as the entitlements, designs, and financing stages of how real estate works or the trends in biotech and how the technology is even found in the first place. Beck cites his biggest challenge as balancing both the passion he has to create with the sensible thing to do for businesses. But once it’s all a fine balance Beck seems good enough at figuring it out for himself. Check out Ideamensch.com to know more.

Tony Petrello takes helm of struggling business, turns it around

Tony Petrello has enjoyed a spectacular career. There are few CEOs in all of North America who are more roundly credentialed then Petrello. With an MS in mathematics from Yale as well as a Juris Doctor degree from Havard Law School, Tony Petrello has perhaps more brain power than any other CEO in the United States today.

After working for approximately a decade with famed law firm Mackenzie Baker as a mergers and acquisitions attorney, Petrello was recruited by Nabors Industries to become their new chief operations officer. Nabors Industries had been going through tough times. The company had a long and proud pedigree, beginning with its formation, in the late ‘50s, as a conglomerate to extract oil from the Prudhoe Bay oil fields of Alaska. In fact, Nabors Industries was one of the crucial participants in the opening of Alaska’s oil reserves, leading to great prosperity for a state that had previously been mired in grinding poverty. This was particularly beneficial to the local Inuit populations, who had found it difficult to survive in a state with few jobs and where their traditional way of life had been made nearly impossible.

The company still to this day has widespread name recognition throughout the state of Alaska, where many people still associate it the greatest boom times in the state’s history. However, by the 1980s the company’s fortunes had fallen considerably. After decades of mismanagement, the company was in a position of near insolvency. In 1988, Nabors Industries entered into chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Things were dire and they needed the right man to lead them into the future.

Tony Petrello was working on a number of cases for the firm pertaining to their bankruptcy. Management noticed him and he was immediately recruited to come on board in an executive role. Today, Petrello has led Nabors Industries to become the nation’s premier oil services company.