Todd Lubar Giving Better Homes to the Community

Todd Lubar is one of the known capitalist and a philanthropist in the whole world. Real estate business is what he mostly deals with and he assists people who have no house to attain them at lower price hence transforming the life of many people. In the year 1995 is when he started his journey to his success. He went to Syracuse University whereby he attained a B.A in Speech Communication. Furthermore he is the president of TDL Global Ventures and also serves as the senior vice president of Legendary Investments.

He joined and served at Crestar Mortgage Corporation as the loan inventor when he completed his studies at the university. The knowledge and the experience he had in the mortgage banking made him associate and work with known business people such as the real estate agents, commercial planners and insurance agents. He then joined Legacy Financial Group whereby his contribution to the company enabled the company to grow rapidly hence the company accomplished many things including attainment of 100 million dollars from the borrowers. Through the company he was able to increase his expertise in all over the world. More details about Todd can be found on his Crunchbase profile.

Some of the accomplishment he made is starting Legendary Properties, LLC whereby the company is a real estate development organization. Through his expertise at the company they were able to make over 200 transactions and buying and announcements of numerous housing places. They deal with Multi-family and Single-family housing properties, he also attained credit in numerous banks because of the good relationship he has with them.

Todd Lubar also began First Magnus Financial Corporation which is now known as Charter Funding due to the expertise and experience he has in Mortgage banking. Because of the great devotion he has the company is one of the best private mortgage organization in the United States. He always keeps keen on the market trend because he always wants to know what happens and be ahead of his competitors. Todd Lubar also ensures that he puts his client’s priority first before doing anything therefore creating a better relationship with them hence they always come for his services.

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