Richard Blair and his Financial Advice for Retirement Planners

When people are planning to retire, Richard Blair is just the person that they want to see. When it comes to any type of financial matters regarding retirement and investing, Richard Blair is the person that knows what is going on. There are a whole lot of clients in the Austin, TX area that are looking for ways to build their retirement portfolios.

According to Manta, this is the area that Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is able to concentrate on for clients. He gives them the ability to sort out stock, bonds and mutual funds that will be beneficial to their retirement plan.

There are a large portion of people that actually have wealth, but they have no idea how they will go about managing it. Many people will simply put their money into accounts that are making a bare minimum of interest because they are fearful of losing what they have.

This is not the way to do a financial plan at all. When it comes to wealth management Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has tactics that will allow people to make money without getting stifled by the different risks that are apparent in the stock market industry.

Wealth Management Services can be very valuable to anyone that may be looking for the opportunity to build up their risk tolerance and build a portfolio that can withstand the test of time.

Many people will invest in the hot stocks, and not really give much attention to what will happen with the future of their investments. They only know what they see at the moment, and they make all of their Investments based on their temporary insight.

The great thing about using a financial planner like Richard Blair is that he is able to get clients get back to a place where they can successfully build their portfolio. Blair has really been able to help people discover that there is more to financial planning than simply setting up a portfolio.

Future retirees have to be accountable for paying attention to how the portfolio is changing. When it comes to risk tolerance, clients have to decide if they are going to go with moderate growth or aggressive growth.

Overtime they may like to change and switch these things up as they get older. Richard Blair is the person that serves as a middleman between clients and their portfolio. He keeps them mindful of important financial matters.


White Shark Media Takes a Positive Stand on Resolving Client Issues

Companies interested in optimizing the performance of their websites generally look for marketing agencies that have received positive reviews. One of the leading agencies in the media marketing industry is White Shark Media. The dedication they have toward improving the performance of a website can be seen in the many positive testimonials they have from past clients. One of the aspects that sets this agency apart from many others is their ability to listen to a client’s complaints and take action to make corrections. Rather than viewing complaints as negative feedback, this innovative agency chooses to see them as opportunities for growth and improvement.


Taking Positive Action to Resolve Issues


As an agency that works with small to medium sized companies, White Shark Media understands the need to go over all of the angles of a campaign with their clients to make sure they know exactly how well their strategies are working. Since White Shark primarily works with Google AdWords, they had received complaints from clients who were not able to view the performance levels using their AdWords campaign. The team at White Shark took immediate action to make sure their clients were kept informed of their campaigns via ongoing reports.


In the past, White Shark Media had also received complaints from companies who had existing AdWords campaigns already in place. These clients felt the way their old campaigns were structured worked better than the new optimized versions provided by White Shark. The action the team took to resolve this issue was to always analyze a current campaign to see its strengths and weaknesses. This allows them to make improvements in the areas that need it while leaving the rest of the campaign in place. The proactive stand White Shark Media takes toward resolving any issues their clients might have has paid off by their continued success through repeat business.

Tech Fashion Trends for the Future with Christopher Burch

The fashion field notwithstanding the technological part has witnessed various changes as the years advanced. The sole steady element is that both sectors grew together. After some time, technology gets the opportunity to be fashionable while fashion ended up being technologically fashionable. Even though, the way they have developed all the while is a stunning thing. A look from the over a significant time span shines a light on what lies ahead later on. Starting now, the combination of both fashion and technology is still on progress. The great people who design new fashions take pleasure in thinking of what people delight in and hence they end up using technology. Such utilization delivers a more prominent standard in usefulness and advancement.

A good example is Anouk Wipprecht the Dutch fashion designer who weds fashion with technology and shows the way technology looks like a playing ground that is the place of experimentation and as one jumps further into the frameworks and technology, it compensates the individual with boundless open doors. Wipprecht is perceived for her cutting edge outlines. For example, she has composed the self-painting dress; Pseudomorphs or the DareDroid the drink-production dress. With technology, the fashion gets the path for growth and end up satisfying our inner desires and needs. Despite the fact that it may not be vogue in wearing bike protection, Terese Alstin & Anna Haupt concocted a framework whereby the cyclists would wear the airbag around the neck. If there should be an occurrence of an accident or mishap, the airbag comes forth from the neckwear to shield somebody’s head from physical effect or damage.

The CEO & founder of Burch Creative Capital is none other than Christopher Burch. The company’s projects rationality is an highlight of Burch’s entrepreneurial qualities including his vision for new opportunities, new doors, innovativeness, applying creative energy, support & scale, positive and persisting impact on clients’ lives. In his almost 40 year expertise in financial field and business visionary, Christopher Burch has partaken in the climb of more than 50 associations. By applying instinctive comprehension of clients conduct and with worldwide & direct sourcing foundation, he has set up a long reputation of managing to put innovation into practice.


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Jim Hunt Shares Some Info About Investing with Ideamensch

Jim Hunt VTA Publications is an investor and entrepreneur who likes to share what he knows with people everywhere. He left the corporate world to start his own business endeavors and has been highly successful doing so. He has a YouTube channel that he uses to share his investments with his customers and other followers, and he also started a company to publish even more information about investing for people to purchase. Hunt decided to share a little more details about himself and his company to Ideamensch, an independent business blog that interviews entrepreneurs and shares their insights in blog posts.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications said his typical day at work consists of working out first, buying or selling stocks and attending to business matters in the morning hours and then slowing things down in the afternoon. He says he gets most of his ideas from hearing what his customers want to see happen, doing a lot of research and then having relaxation times when the ideas come to life. His research is certainly worth noting as he said the best $100 he could spend would entail inside information to a specific financial journal on Hunt said he started his company, VTA Publications because he felt there was a better way to invest besides the bank, and he felt he could help investors do better through information found at the company.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications has published all kinds of information about investing such as retirement and what the bible has to say about setting goals for getting there, learning how to read and use stock charts, and little-known steps for executing trades and strategies on The company has also hosted seminars about investing and building a business featuring some of the world’s brightest businessmen, and they can be ordered along with the other materials at the company. Jim Hunt also included “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire” at VTA Publications and on his YouTube channel. “Wealth Wave” is information about making a trade before the market takes a downturn, and “Making Mum a Millionaire” shows how you could turn ten trades into $1 million. More information about these programs and Hunt can be found on YouTube

Josh Verne And His Experience With Retail

One thing about successful entrepreneur Josh Verne is that he had humble beginnings. He has worked retail. However, he was not necessarily a cashier taking on the transactions of customers. He has worked on strategies that have brought his companies profits. While retail can be a harsh business, Josh Verne did hold respectable positions in stores. Therefore, he was able to have more of an influence on what stores offered customers. He has also worked at a furniture store that was owned by his family. One thing that could be said for Josh is that he knows how to make good use of his connections.


One thing that Josh would advise his customers is that they make the most out of whatever work they do. This includes retail. Anyone that works passionately in any field is going to go places. The thought should be on how to bring the company forward. However, Josh has seen that his real future is in starting his own company. Therefore, he has branched out and used all of his skills in marketing to get the business that he wanted off the ground. He has actually started more than one business including He has eventually sold that company.


Right now, Josh Verne runs Flock U, a website that allows college students create content based on school life. One thing that Josh realizes that the only people that know what school is like are the students. Another thing that is worth keeping in mind is that society changes all the time. Therefore, the personalities at school are always going to be different.


Josh Verne has gained a lot of success for his efforts. He keeps his motivation right in front of him so that he will keep working on ways to bring his career to the next level of success.

EOS Lip Balm Moves Ahead of Lip Balm Leaders

There is only one way that a lip balm company like the Evolution of Smooth can rise to the top in an industry that is dominated by other companies like Chapstick. The founders of this EOS lip balm had to bring what they were selling as something that was different and highly unusual from what everyone else had to offer. This is exactly what this company did, and that is the real reason that this business has been able to thrive.

From the very first moment that people check out the Evolution of Smooth products they know that they are getting something that is different from anything else out there. This all stems from the container that this comes in. Everyone else that has been getting their lip balm in a tube will suddenly realize that EOS has something that is bigger. It is something that will last longer. These are just the little things that change the way that people look at what the Evolution of Smooth is doing. This is a company that has changed what everyone knows about the concept of lip balm in general. Men may not understand these colorful spheres, but women cannot get enough of these lip balm products. There is a reason for this admiration. Women typically lose the small lip balm tubes. The spheres from EOS, by contrast, are bright and big enough to stand out even in their purses.

This is what has become a game changer for the EOS brand. People are thrilled about the way that this company has shaken things up in a previously dull lip balm industry. There is no reason for anyone to get stuck with the small Chapstick tubes that they may lose quickly. Consumers that had this problem can simply get the EOS spheres. Evolution of Smooth can be bought from a wide range of retailers such as Lucky Vitamin, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, Ulta( and many more.


Dick DeVos, the Man who Donates with Purpose

Until recently, I had only ever known Dick DeVos for his executive career. As President and CEO of Orlando Magic from 1991-1994, President of Amway from 1993-2002 where he tripled international sales making them exceeded domestic sales, or presently, as the President of the Windquest group. Little did I know that he was also a remarkable philanthropist, not only giving but honing in on specific issues that he believed would make a greater impact.


I discovered that DeVos’ main focus was on education, with 26% of his charitable donations for 2015 geared in this direction and another 3% to groups that supported education reform. DeVos claims that he would like to better the chances of every child receiving a high-quality education instead of the quality of education pertaining to which zip code they were from. He and his wife, Betsy DeVos, like to stress that the schools they support are rigorous, have adept staff and can hold themselves accountable. One way I’ve found that they’ve done this is by launching the first aviation-themed charter school five years ago. The school focuses on STEM, aeronautical engineering, and robotics and it accepts students from 7 surrounding counties, a third of whom are economically disadvantaged. The success of this school is shown by the 86% graduation rate but DeVos chooses instead to place importance on the positive impact on the students’ lives, attitudes, and view of the world.


Another focus of his is arts and culture, coming in second at 21% of his donations in 2015. 22 million was given to launch the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland. It was given specifically to support Michael Kaiser’s efforts to better the business side of arts organizations. DeVos believes, as do I, that the future of the global arts community depends on having high-quality arts management. Dick DeVos and his wife also provided a monetary gift to the Spectrum Health Foundation to aid in securing a top physician and researcher in childhood cancers which improved the survival rate for those treated at the Helen’s DeVros Children Hospital. Dick and his wife ensure that when a contribution is made, it will be made in a way that will make a dramatic change for the better.


Kim Dao a Millennial Supergirl!

Kim Dao is an Australian Youtuber currently living in Japan who loves makeup and fashion. She considers herself a blogger and started her career unintentionally when she formed a blog as a way to hold on to some of her favorite memories from her first adventure into Japan back in 2011. Falling head over feet for the country, KimDao wanted to make her memories something that could never be fleeting by turning them into a blog. She never intended to make a life off of her writings, but in time her blog site turned into something bigger than she could ever imagine! So many people were interested in her adventures that she decided to make a Youtube channel about all of her exciting experiences where she could share endless stories about her time traveling and soon later also making videos about fashion, makeup, and her every day life.

In the past, Kim Dao went to the University of Western Australia where she took on a double major of Psychology and Japanese, but since this modest start she has obtained countless opportunities to work with cool and unique brands such as Amore Pacific, Schwarzkopf, Shu Uemura, Liz Lisa, Etude House, and countless others. She has also been featured in the West Australian newspaper, and Japanese TV shows like NHK and TBS.

What’s so refreshing about Kim Dao is that through all her wild success she has managed to maintain the same humble, girl next door vibe and has made it almost a common catchphrase of hers to remind everyone that she’s “just a girl,” Taking a note from Gwen Stefani are we Kim? All jokes aside and the pleasant modesty that she maintains, Kim Dao is an inspiration for girls everywhere and she truly is becoming a great role model.

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Wow Your Hair In A Healthy Way With WEN By Chaz’s No Lather Shampoo System

Do you abuse your hair but hate admitting it?

You are not alone. Many of us torture our tresses on a daily basis, either by over-doing the extremely hot hair tools, blow-drying, spraying the heck out of our mane with drying, sticky hair sprays, teasing, etc. Then add on top of that, chemical processes like bleaching, coloring, highlighting, perming, straightening and so forth.

All of that destroys our hair, but even more so are the shampoos and conditioners we use during each week. There are tons of evil chemicals present in most drugstore brands. That is why Chaz Dean took a stand and developed a kinder, gentler way to cleanse the hair, add moisture, body, strength and super shine all in good for you, back to nature formulas.

Chaz Dean,, has been a longtime celebrity stylist, a man with integrity and an holistic lifestyle. He launched his famous no lather shampoo system called WEN By Chaz, and it is so effective and luxurious, that he has not used a lather shampoo on himself or his celebrity clientele since 1993.

His unique cleansing conditioners are one-bottle miracles. They wash like a shampoo and also condition, de-tangle, deep condition and act as a leave-in conditioner. The scents are heavenly in lovely aromas like Lavender, Mandarin Fig, and the Amazon best selling Sweet Almond Mint. These quality formulas don’t contain harmful hair destroyers like sulfates; that’s why a big sudsy formula is unnecessary. WEN By Chaz features herbal, fruit and other plant-based botanical extracts that are simply healthy for one’s hair.

Best of all, WEN has been designed to treat hair of any type and texture in any condition, no matter how damaged your hair strands are.

Massaging your scalp and locks in WEN is a totally different experience. You and your hair will fall in love.

Learn the basics of hair care, visit the¬†official Wen website. Check out WEN’s Facebook page for more.