The Traveling Vineyard FAQs

The Traveling Vineyard is a multilevel wine-selling company that was established in the year 2012 by the Pieroth family. However, their mother company Geerlings and Wade has been in the industry for many more years. The company hires wine guides from over 40 states, to help in the direct sales of their wines.

Who are the Perfect Traveling Vineyard Candidates?

Anyone who wants to make some extra money can join the Traveling Vineyard. Whether wine tasting is your hobby or you simply enjoy hosting parties and events to those who are looking for a side job and people who would like a full-time career. It is an excellent yet flexible way to achieve your dreams.


Business Model and How It Works

If you would like to join the Traveling Vineyard, the process is quite easy. You get assigned to an experienced wine guide near you. You can attend their events and get insight on what it is like, working for the traveling vineyard. There is also a plethora of resources, in form of tutorials and videos, to help you learn the basics of wine tasting and the various wines offered.

Once you have decided to join them, you simply sign up and get credited for a success kit. The Traveling Vineyard success kit has all you need for a successful wine tasting event including 10 bottles of wine, glasses, carrier, accessories, flyers and brochures and a summology sheet.

The success kit of course comes at a price, but the money can be earned back in your first event. As a wine guide, you schedule events to your convenience. Then, the Traveling Vineyard will supply you with everything that you need for a successful wine tasting party. From every event, you earn a 20% commission of your sales. So, it is up to you to get more leads, depending on your financial goals.

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Advantages Brazil Has Over the United States According to Igor Cornelsen

Many American investors might want to diversify their portfolios on They might know about England, Germany or Japan, but what about Brazil? Brazil has some key investment advantages over the United States, especially when it comes to China.

“United States & China Compete”

Geographically, the United States and China are on a similar latitude. They are both northern nations with a wide range of products. They both have snow.

In fact, the United States and China may be in direct competition for #1 in world GDP. “Forbes” predicts that “China will surpass the US in 2018.” So, the difficulty with this economic competition on, is that it is tough for the two nations to develop close economic relations when their products are sold in the same markets.

“Brazil & China Complement”

Brazilians do not know what snow looks like. This geographical fact makes the economic collaboration between China and Brazil more beneficial. Some commodities are only grown in warmer climates, especially spices, coffee and certain types of food.

Brazil supplies China with “raw materials” to fuel its growth. “Made in China” is becoming very common on the streets of Rio and Sao Paulo. The Chinese also help build up the infrastructure of Brazil. It is a win-win arrangement for all!

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“Mr. Cornelsen Translates Brazil”

While many of the industrialized nations want Brazil to lower its tariffs, these help protect its local businesses. The Brazil government also does not make many bilateral agreements; thus, it can offer special deals to China that other nations cannot take advantage of.

If you want to profit from Brazil, you should work with an insider. Brazil wealth manager Igor Cornelsen understands what financial institutions control which markets in the nation. Brazil has its own business culture and way of doing things.

Mr. Igor Cornelsen is a native of Brazil and has worked in the financial sector for years. Igor Cornelsen can discuss the latest Chinese and Brazilian trade deals. You can diversify your financial portfolio by banking on the future growth of China and Brazil: BRICS. Get in on ground floor, before the elevator closes its doors.

Brown Modelling Agency Looking For the Next Super Model

Many adolescent girls dream of becoming fashion models, seeing themselves on the covers of fashion magazines, strutting down runways, being the center of attention among friends. One of the most important ingredients in becoming a model is to be associated with a competent and professional agency. In Austin, Texas, The Brown Agency will provide contacts, interviews, and assignments to the models they represent. But before that can take place, there are a series of questions the aspiring model has to ask herself.

Am I Beautiful?

Do I physically have what it takes to become a model? Was my mother a beauty contestant, a cheerleader, a trophy wife? Am I tall, statuesque, do I have clear skin? Are my feet too big, is any part of my body misshaped? It takes perfection to become a model. Near perfection will get you in the door, but do not rely on changing or altering body parts or facial features to become a model.

Am I Strong ?

Strutting your stuff down runways does not at first glance seem difficult, but learning the runway stride in very high heels and being ready to perform on cue is not easy. Sometimes the anticipation of being in front of hundreds of eyes affects the nervous system and puts a burden on the model’s breathing. The model performing her runway walk must appear emotionless, at ease, confident, energetic, and beautiful. The aspiring model must be able to hold an expression of ease no matter what the circumstances. You might hate the outfit you are wearing, it may be too revealing for your tastes, you might be tired, angry, be uncomfortable in the shoes, nursing an injury. Whatever the situation you are in, you must be a model of whatever the designer wants to express with his clothes line.

Can I Keep Going ?

The career of a model is short. You must make the majority of your money within the first ten years of your career. You will travel the world, have opportunities to meet the rich and famous, but you must be resilient, strong, avoid gaining weight or becoming injured and manage your life to resist excesses always keeping in mind the financial goals you set for yourself.


You can not do it alone. An Agency is a key to your success. The Brown Agency will help to get you started on your career. See their website here: You can also visit the company’s Facebook page.

The Brown Agency will provide support, encouragement, and training. If you have what it takes, you can become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.