Why Women Have Stopped Shampooing

Women everywhere have thrown away their shampoo bottles. They no longer shampoo their hair, they co-wash it. Co-washing is a term used for washing the hair with a cleansing conditioner instead of shampoo.

The process is similar to the traditional method of shampooing. The product is massaged into the hair, combed through and then rinsed. However, unlike shampooing co-washing is a gentler way of cleansing the hair without the harsh, color-stripping chemicals found in most detergent based shampoos. The mildness of cleansing conditioners means they can be used daily. Cleansing conditioners are formulated to melt into the hair without weighing it down. This relatively new approach to hair care began with Chaz Dean and his Wen hair care line.

Chaz Dean is one of the countless hair stylists in Los Angeles. What sets him apart is his progressive approach to hair care. Dean is the creator of Wen, an innovative product that has revolutionized hair care.

Wen is unique, combining shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner, in one product. Dean has effectively removed the harsh, damaging chemicals found in shampoos and replaced them with a blend of natural ingredients that hydrate the hair and is effective on all hair types. The concept of a non-lathering product tends to make new users of Wen and other cleansing conditioners, a bit skeptical about the product’s ability to cleanse the hair. However, the combination Dean has created appears to be working.

According to statistics on Dean’s website, users of Wen are seeing impressive results. The enthusiastic ratings left by over 16,000 customers confirm the product’s claim. After three weeks, a high percentage of users stated noticeable improvements in moisture, shine, and manageability in their hair. Several co-washing products have appeared since Wen’s release.

Wen is crafted in the USA, and all products in the Wen hair care line are free from animal testing. Dean even uses the product on his beloved Labrador Retrievers. Dean is also a photographer. His images appear on the product labels as well as the photos on his website.

Chaz Dean (@CHAZDEAN) believes in giving back and works with several charities, including Habitat for Humanity, Keep a Child Alive, and Best Friends Animal Society, to name a few.

Dean is a lover of nature and his commitment and dedication to a natural and holistic lifestyle is reflected in his products.



Veterinarians Offered New Tools for Reputation Management

High profile cases of cyber bullying of veterinarians, including at least one that allegedly led to suicide, are fueling moves on the part of the AVMA to offer members tools and resources to combat bullying and manage their online reputation(http://veterinarynews.dvm360.com/avma-launches-cyberbullying-resource-veterinarians). Partnering with Bernstein Crisis Management Inc. (BCM), the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is providing both a cyber bullying hotline and a reputation management service to participants of their Member Advantage Program.

The 24/7 DVM Cyber bullying Hotline offers 30 minutes of free consultation for AVMA members experiencing cyber bullying and in need of immediate assistance. A discounted rate is offered for further consultation. The DVM Reputation Guard is available through the AVMA’s. The Reputation Guard is subscription based and compiles and analyzes data from various online sources. Members are made aware of possibly harmful content and provided expert assistance in creating a response.

The move is in response to constituents urging the AVMA House of Delegates to prioritize providing resources for reputation management. Fake reviews and cyber bullying can impact the health of a business, but it can go further than that, affecting the mental health and well-being of the veterinarian and their staff. In 2014, a New York City veterinarian took her own life after a dispute with a customer that spilled over onto the internet(http://veterinarynews.dvm360.com/avma-launches-cyberbullying-resource-veterinarians). Shirley Koshi, DVM, was bullied and protested on sites like Facebook.com and vetabusenetwork.com among others.

According to the AVMA’s Cyberbullying – and How to Handle It(https://www.avma.org/PracticeManagement/Administration/reputation/Pages/cyberbullying.aspx) webpage, Approximately 1 in 5 veterinarians surveyed by the AVMA in Fall 2014 reported that they had themselves been victims or knew colleagues who had been victims of cyber bullying.” The AVMA hopes that offering this service will allow veterinarians to better manage their practice and lessen the damage that can result from spiteful or vindictive internet activity.



Securus Technologies Brings Families Together At Christmas

Christmas is a popular time of the year. People celebrate the season for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is to make special memories with loved ones. While many meet for the festive season, some people cannot see their loved ones. One of those groups are people in prison facilities. People detained in correction facilities miss a lot of emotions going on during the Christmas season.


The emotion of connecting with family and friends is a common one. Christmas is a time of the year where fun is brought out more than any other time. People detained in correction facilities cannot see their friends and family. While they want to share the joy with everyone, they cannot go home during the festive season or any other time. To change this situation, Securus Technologies installed video visitation equipment in correction facilities. The video visitation programs allows inmates to communicate with their loved ones.


Several correction facilities have benefited from the video visitation project. The company rolled out 600 video visitation terminal projects. Inmates can now receive worldwide video calls. Inmates can now connect with their friends and family through the video visitation program. Securus released an example video of their visitation program that involved a father calling his son. He witnessed him open a gift.


Christmas is usually celebration by people all over the globe. The holiday is a unique one where families celebrate together and bond. However, with a loved one in prison, the festival appears incomplete. Securus Technologies is a leading communication and technology provider. It has made it possible for individuals in correction facilities to communicate with their loved ones.


I think that the new video visitation program is set to transform the lives of many. It will create an overall good mood in the festive season. The recent advert of a father speaking to his son is an example of a happy moment. With the help of the new application, parents can spend time with their children. The video visitation program will create a happy and joyful moment in the festive season. The program has been installed in various correction facilities.


Securus Technologies is an American technology company based in Dallas Texas. The company was founded in 1986 and has regional offices in different parts of the world. It has its offices in Allen, Atlanta, Georgia, and Carrollton. Securus has employed close to a thousand people.

A Look At Cotemar And Its Success

Cotemar company specializes in oil and gas. The company is certified by quality assurance authority because of the high quality of services it offers. To remain ahead in this sector, a company needs to promote professionalism among employees during service delivery. The employees at this company are able to protect its image by meeting all professional integrity requirements. This company is able to satisfy its clients because it has managed to hire competent and highly qualified employees. Some of the services that Cotemar offers are engineering, accommodation, maintenance, catering, maritime support, offshore construction and maintenance, and special ship services.

Services for Guest Houses

In addition to offering accommodation services, Cotemar also offers catering services to its clients. In all their cabins, clients are able to get catering, bedding, cleaning and laundry services. Every cabin is suitable for at up to 3 people. There is a modern gym at the recreation area too. There is a TV and cinema room where clients can watch their favorite movies and listen to music. Guests can also treat themselves at the basketball court. Overall, Cotemar can handle 4000 people, offering accommodation and catering services with ease.

Human Resource

Cotemar is a company that values its employees because they that keep it going. Cotemar ensures that employees grow and develop while working there. The firm pays them well and helps them grow professionally. To help employees get better at their job, the firm organizes frequent workshops for them. This company knows that the only way to encourage employees is not only through good salaries but also by making their working conditions reliable. While training the employees, Cotemar emphasizes on safety as it is crucial in the industry they operate. This firm has good relations with a number of higher learning institutions where they get their interns.

Additional Services

Cotemar has satellite-run equipment that are linked to computers. This makes it easy for them to offer offshore maintenance and maritime support services. This also facilitates the transportation of light-weight goods and personnel. Some of the offers at this firm for special vessels are firefighting and transport services. In maintenance, they have derricks that help in the servicing and repair of vessels. The company also offers storage facilities at the construction sites. This is a firm that upholds the law. Thus, it ensures that all departments at the firm are compliant to all the regulations.

Reference: http://expansion.mx/empresas/2016/11/02/la-revolucion-silenciosa-del-petroleo-en-mexico

Christanna Bevin Enjoys Project Management

For business professionals who enjoy a challenge and enjoy a variety of tasks on a daily basis, one of the most interesting types of jobs that they can do involve project management. Almost all companies have projects that need to be completed. The projects may differ in size, complexity, and cost, but the projects all have one thing in common, which is a project manager.

Either officially called a project manager or someone who is assigned the responsibilities of a project manager, there is usually a defined person that is looked to for leadership regarding a project. In an official role, the project manager oversees the completion of a project. The project manager is responsible for making sure that all aspects of the project are handled in the proper manner. In addition, aspects of a project such as schedules, deadlines, assigning tasks, and other related responsibilities fall on the shoulders of the project manager.

For any project, it takes planning to make sure that the project goes well. The planning must cover all aspects of the project and take into consideration all factors that could impact a project. There are some people who do a great job as a project manager; these people understand the role of the project manager and what is needed regarding a project. Also, these people are able to communicate well and work with people to get a project completed.

A project manager who has been and continues to be successful in her role as a project manager is Christanna Bevin. She is respected as a project management professional, and she has a background that prepared her for the project management role. Christanna Bevin has managed projects in an array of business sectors. However, her primary area of concentration centers on project management capabilities to resource and utility sectors.

As a project management professional, Christanna Bevin has been able to help many clients. She understands the practice of project management, and she understands what is necessary to complete a project successfully. Christanna Bevin has earned a reputation as an excellent project manager; she has managed a variety of projects and is known as an outstanding communicator.

Online Reputation Management Strategies Entrepreneurs Can Embrace To Push Their Brand

The reputation a business enjoys goes a long way to affecting its performance and the kind of feedback it will receive from customers. Many entrepreneurs have wanted to run profitable businesses but at some point this resolve is overridden by the lack of management and bad feedback that is shared by a section of customers. To remain relevant and to compete well with others, a business needs to clean its image online and ensure all the information shared reflects its positives.

Getting things done does not necessarily mean hiring Reputation Defender professionals. There are simple yet effective strategies that the entrepreneur can embrace to push the business to attaining its goals after cleaning its reputation.

Set up social media account

The advent of social media opened up many opportunities and brought to the business world a new platform where businesses can market their products. Setting up social media accounts for a business does not need any assistance because opening most of these accounts is free and there are easy guidelines to follow when filling information.

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook offer an easy way to connect with customers and potential customers. Interacting with them online helps you to understand their views of your products and you can reply with information that will clarify some doubts. Running social media accounts makes it easy to build a strong relationship with customers, which in effect boosts the reputation of the business.

Keep your site up to date

Technology changes every day and those who are found using old systems are more vulnerable to attacks. Customers always want to feel part of the new system, so updating your online store to offer additional features will prove you have effort to offer customers value for their money. Most importantly, updating your site helps to increase security.

Search engine optimization

Google can also be a great catch for you if you want to reach more buyers. Updating content that is optimized for certain keywords makes it easy for Google to offer results that are relevant to what your customers search online. Appearing on the first page of Google speaks a lot and shows that your website is preferred by many, hence reputable.