Solvy Makes Math Teaching More Interactive

According to September 20, 2015, article in Class Tech Tips, Alexei Beltyukov is a creative entrepreneur from Russia who has revolutionized the method of teaching mathematics with the introduction of his ingenious math homework platform called SOLVY.

SOLVY is a free, online platform which promises to give flexibility to the teachers as well as students. SOLVY pays a great importance to the individual interests of the students. With this platform, teachers can assign homework to students based on their personal interests and inclination.

SOLVY has been designed to work smoothly on various devices without any glitches. The platform can assess the performance of the students. Based on the assessment, notifications are given to the teachers if the students need any extra guidance on any particular topic or field.

SOLVY can also save teachers’ time so that now they can dedicate more time in bettering their curriculum for quality teaching.

The application is very user-friendly and interactive whereby students can tinker around with graphing tools. The teachers can also see their students work on a particular sum so that they can correct their students if needed.

SOLVY IS currently available for algebra with a huge future prospect of expanding in various other interesting topics. Alexei Beltyukov plans to develop and designing SOLVY in such a way that it becomes an integral part of the Math Teaching Program.

Alexei Beltyukov is a versatile entrepreneur and has founded a number of companies. Both of his companies A – Ventures and New Gas Technologies deal with providing necessary fundings to the emerging start ups. In 2015, he launched SOLVY and became its Chief Operating Officer.

Alexei Beltyukov started his career as a medical graduate before jumping to business. He is an alumnus of the INSEAD Master of Business Administration Program.

Alexei Beltyukov is also a remarkable philanthropist who is behind the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD. Along with SOLVY, he efficiently holds the position of Vice President of Skolkovo Foundation.

The foundation works hand in hand with the Russian Government in providing financial guidance to entrepreneurs who are struggling on the path to create stable companies.

How Gooee Smart Lighting Works

Many individuals are realizing that smart lighting is a great option for them and their households. Not only can you save a lot of money by switching to Smart lighting, but you will also find that it is simply more energy efficient for the environment and truly allows you to make an impact because of the fact that you have made the switch. A lot of people are making the switch to Gooee smart lighting features because this is a company that offers a variety of different options to make your life a whole lot easier. This is something that can benefit you in a variety of different ways and it is something you will find to help your electricity bill to go down each and every month.

It is important that if you are interested in making the switch to Smart lighting that you choose Gooee as the company for your own needs. The reason for this is because this is a company that has been around for quite some time now and has truly made an impact on the smart Lighting World and offers a variety of different services that you will find totally beneficial for the specific reason. You will also notice that smart lighting helps to cut your electricity costs as well as being more energy efficient for the home, and it works because of the fact that it actually could shut lights off without you needing to be there because it will sense if the room it is in is already well lit and has enough light in it already.

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Receive The Best Haircare With Organic Ingredients

Hair care in today’s society is one of the most popular and profitable industries in the world. This is a multi-billion dollar industry that hosts numerous product lines. Unfortunately many of these product lines take short cuts and give you inferior products. Those hard to read names of the ingredients serve a purpose. Maybe the manufacturers don’t want you to find out just what’s in the container. Modern day shampoo and conditioners are full of chemicals. These chemical may help you achieve a certain look, but it’s only temporary. With consistent use of these harmful sulfate, you’re slowly killing your fine locks of glorious hair and I’m pretty sure no woman want to experience that.

Even washing your hair too much has it’s dangers. Tap water, which is suppose to be 100% healthy, has even more dangerous chemicals in it as well. These chemicals actually help clean the water from pathogens, but they also creates a myriad of scalp problems such as excessive sebum production, itchy flaky scalp, and hairloss. Though we as a people can’t escape every issue, it’s our place to cut out as much of the issues as possible.

Celebrity Stylist Chaz Dean has one of the best haircare lines currently on the market. Have you ever heard of WEN Hair by Chaz? If you haven’t heard, WEN by Chaz is a QVC advertised all-natural brand that derives it’s source from mother nature herself. This organic base gives heals your scalp, strengthens, adds moisture and shine. The products comes in pomegranate, lavender, and sweet almond mint formulas. The entire inventory of the brand is huge and couldn’t be stated in just one article, but Chaz Dean’s in-depth knowledge and focus is creating better heads of hair worldwide. If you’re experiencing a dull, unflattering head of hair, WEN by Chaz has the capabilities to bring you back from the brink. Order yours today, visit

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Malini Saba- Daring to Dream in a Foreign Land

Most of the people that have immigrated to the U.S have immaculate and inspiring success stories. One such person is Malini Saba who was, before moving to the U.S lived in Kuala Lumpur with her middle-class parents. Malini grew up in Australia and at 19; she decided to relocate to the United States. With only two hundred dollars in her hands, Malini took the risk and moved to the U.S with the hope of getting more support from her husband.


Malini’s Early Life in the U.S

Malini and her husband rented a cheap apartment near in Stanford University. Her husband was a student at the University, and she took advantage to attend some classes as well. Malini studied studies financial and investment field. Apart from the knowledge she got from school, she also engaged other professionals in the industry to advise her through her journey. Malini did everything to acquire knowledge and experience. She crashed at parties where investment bankers met to ask them for tips and from this, she began making her first investment with her savings.

Post-University Success and Accomplishments

Years later, you can see Malini’s efforts paid off as she grew to become one of the fiercest investors in the country. Her investment plan worked out well, and today she is committed to learning new things and making improvements in the financial sector. Malini is so successful that she has her company Saban which continues to make investments in different assets across the globe. Among the assets she deals in include real estate ventures in India and Australia, gas and oil properties in China, and technology firms in the United States. She is the current Chairlady of her company.

Renowned Philanthropist

Malini has excelled in other areas just like she has in business. She is a celebrated philanthropist and mother. She established the Stree Program which helps women in the low-income bracket to have a bearing. It focuses on enriching their self-confidence that helps them to create a role in the community. The foundation was launched by retired President, Bill Clinton and serves different regions including Africa, Central America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. Besides this, Malini has donated a million U.S dollars to build a hospital and pledged 10 million more to help tsunami-stricken victims.

In an art shell, Malini Saba is an accomplished career woman and philanthropist. She dared to venture where others wouldn’t and continues to serve others with the same seal she had when she first landed in the U.S.


3 Easy Steps To Healthy And Luxurious Hair

Every woman strives to have beautiful and healthy hair. But some of us face issues such as damaged hair or hair that simply doesn’t seem to grow. While there is no way to guarantee immediate growth of your hair, there are some simple and affordable ways you can take care of your hair and help it feel and look luxurious in no time.

Step One: Start From The Inside

If you’re looking to help your hair grow and look healthy, it starts from the inside. You must be eating healthy foods and getting your essential nutrients and vitamins, along with drinking plenty of water. If you feel you’re doing just that and still you don’t see any improvement it helps to take supplemental vitamins such as Biotin or Keratin which promote hair growth, nail growth, and beautiful skin as well.

Step Two: Try A Natural Hair Treatment

Many people use hair treatments found in their local pharmacies, beauty stores, and other retail stores like QVC. These can help, but most of the time these products are filled with chemicals that can damage your hair. A more economical and natural route is to make your own natural hair treatment. There are hundreds of different homemade hair treatments that you could make. Some are as simple as warming up some olive oil and massaging it into your scalp. You can also use honey as a hair mask which will leave your hair feeling soft and smooth after you rinse it out. If your hair is extremely dry you can try mashing an avocado and applying that to your hair, rinse after 10 minutes. There are countless ways you can supplement your beauty regime for pennies.

Step Three: Use Wen By Chaz

I’ve tried a lot of commercial hair products throughout my life in search of one that will benefit me. There has only been one product that I rely on to keep my hair feeling soft and smooth, its Wen By Chaz Dean. Wen Hair is a 5-in-1 formula that replaces the need for shampoo which is great because any time I’ve used shampoos its only left my hair feeling dry and stripped. Wen is not only a shampoo replacement, it’s also a conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and a detangler. So not only do you save time on the number of products you need to use, you also save money too.

Wen By Chaz also is infused with great ingredients including chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, and rosemary extract along with some other beneficial ingredients as well. Within a few weeks you will certainly see some difference in the shine and moisture of your hair. See,

Along with these tips make sure to protect your hair from heat and sun expose as these are the elements that take a toll on the health of your hair. Some other things to remember are not to brush or style it while its wet and don’t keep it tied up too often, let your hair down so it can breathe sometimes. Then try the three easy steps I listed and I’m sure with some time you will see a difference! Check out the brand’s Wikipedia page to learn more.