Raise Your Hotel Occupancy Rates

Approximately 34 percent of all hotel rooms in the United States go without occupants each day. This comes as no surprise to industry professionals who realize that getting guests to choose their property can be a very competitive business. One way that property owners and managers can improve their occupancy rate is by responding appropriately to online reviews. Spending just a few minutes each day helps these professionals spot trouble quickly and understand what customers think of their stays. Responding to these reviews professionally helps build customer trust in the property.

The first step as suggested by Online Reputation Reviews.com is to use a tool such as Google Alerts or Social Mention to find out who is talking about your property. There are way too many sites to view them individually so these tools allow the data to be gathered in one place. Therefore, property owners can view trends all in one place.
After the professional has spotted a conversation about their property, then it is important to respond. If the review is positive, then simply say thank you and that you hope that they will choose to stay with you again. Encourage them to let their friends and colleagues know about their great experience.
If the review is negative, then an article published on Hospitality Net, says it is even more vital that you respond. First, however, take a deep breath and remember to act professionally. Not doing so may hurt your property’s reputation even further. Now, acknowledge that you have read what the reviewer has said and think you understand their concern. If you do not, then encourage them to get in contact with you so that they can offer further details.
No business is perfect. If the concern is legitimate, then state what you are currently doing to rectify the situation and what steps you plan on taking in the future. Since almost 80 percent of customers consider these reviews before they choose where to stay, it is important to act quickly. According to the RepUp, organizations that respond quickly and professionally are 68 percent more likely to stay in a hotel where management acknowledges positive and negative reviews.
In many areas the hotel industry is highly competitive. Taking a few minutes each day to acknowledge reviews helps to build a new customer base which means that your return on investment is much higher at the end of the year.


Mike Baur Helps Businesses Get Off the Ground

Mike Baur may not be a name that a lot of people recognize instantly, but much of this has to do with the fact that he stays behind the scenes. There is a lot for him to do when it comes to helping companies get started. His Swiss Startup Factory is the type of business that puts a new startup in a competitive position. Mike and his team are about to put new startups in a place that allows these businesses to successfully compete with other established businesses.


The thing about new startup businesses that causes many barriers to entry is the lack of knowledge that entrepreneurs may have. Mike Baur has been able to design an accelerator program that has been crucial in the success of many different business models. He has worked to help entrepreneurs gain better insight on things like the cost of operating a business and the best ways to promote a new business. Mike Baur and his team will also focus on the benefits of having 1 on 1 mentoring sessions. Baur has a team of experts in place that are going to be able to show entrepreneurs about the best ways to reach their goals.


The Swiss Startup Factory offers what are labeled as 360 services. The most interesting among these is the pre-accelerator services. This is where individuals get the chance to mold and shape ideals with product development, coaching and other things like IT management and market research help. The Swiss Startup Factory is clearly a company that has taken the time to develop the plans that will take startups further.


It has been stated that more than half of small businesses that startup will fail. In many cases these business owners will have good ideas for starting a business, but the ultimate strategy for executing the business idea may be bad. When good business ideas are executed poorly it is no different than having a bad idea for a business. The end result is still a failure. That is where Mike Baur and his team can work wonders.


The Swiss Factor Startup allows business owners to get the coaching that they need in order to build businesses that are much more capable of surviving. When a good idea is matched with a good strategy the end result is going to be positive. More customers will be receptive to these new businesses.

IAP Worldwide and Motivated Talents

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. is a noted international company that is located in Florida in Cape Canaveral. Other offices for this firm are in Dorset, England, Panama City, Florida, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, Alexandria, Virginia and Kuwait City, Kuwait. People who want to learn more about IAP Worldwide Services can get in contact with Maureen P. Fitzgerald. She’s in charge of all press and media matters for the firm. She serves as its director of public relations and corporate communication.

IAP Worldwide Services’ success is partially driven by its highly qualified leadership division. Douglas Kitani is the Chief Executive Officer for the company. He is responsible for all matters that relate to strategic direction. He attended and graduated from esteemed educational institutions such as Emory University’s Goizueta Business School and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. There are many other dependable leaders who work for IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. as well. These professionals include Terry DeRosa, Peter Gleave, Rochelle Cooper and Robert Hargis. These leaders have in-depth grasps of pertinent topics on Bloomberg including engineering, aviation, business development, national security, human resources, compliance, ethics, design engineering, power solutions, corporate services and global support. These are all crucial and relevant subjects for the IAP Worldwide Services team.

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The primary specialties that are offered by IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. are power solutions, expeditionary architecture, government services, engineering, aviation and communications. IAP Worldwide Services has many clients that request assistance with all sorts of sectors that fall under these umbrellas. The IAP Worldwide staff provides many clients with reliable logistics support, temporary power plant maintenance and disaster relief assistance. These examples are just the beginning, too. The IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. team includes over 2,000 workers. These people are based in nations all across the globe.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. provides many people with exciting and rewarding job opportunities on Monster. The company frequently recruits professionals who specialize in the telecommunications field. It also routinely recruits individuals who specialize in sectors such as administration, airfield safety and medical care. People who work in plumbing are often big parts of the IAP Worldwide Services team as well. Clients that are in need of solid assistance and guidance that centers around emergency responses, aviation operations, supply chain management, utilities, power fields and beyond frequently work with the talents at IAP Worldwide. This is a company that’s committed to the highest level of excellence.

Bob Reina Has A Product As Good As Him

Bob Reina is a great person that loves to give back, especially to animals. He also loves to give back to people and help them out in various ways. It is simply remarkable what he has done for people with Talk Fusion, which is a video communication service that allows people to chat in various ways using video. It is especially helpful for people that are looking for a change in their life and they are not afraid to try it right now. You hear stories of people that have not started driving until they were in their late 50’s. It is an old expression, but it is true in every sense of the word: it is never too late.

The company has only been around for nine years, but in those nine years, they have done a whole lot of good for a whole lot of people. That is how Bob Reina likes to live his life. Some people live for themselves and others live for others. Bob Reina falls in the category of someone that is living for others. He is inspired when he hears stories of people that have had success, no matter what their age is or what their background is.

I’m also in shock and awe at the number of animal lives he has saved with his record-breaking donations. Animals need help and they can’t ask for it and sometimes have trouble finding homes. Reina steps up to the plate for them and helps them out as much as possible. He also helps out as many human beings as possible with Talk Fusion. When they have all of these video tools which are part of Talk Fusion and can be downloaded with their app through the iTunes store or the Google Play store, it gives people the chance to start over. Sometimes people would like to hit rewind on their lives and start from the beginning. This is what Talk Fusion is all about: starting over and having a new life. The one you have written for you does not need to be the one that carries into the future. You can write a new one.

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