Laidlaw & Company Services

Laidlaw & Company is a differentiated investment bank providing numerous banking services. They provide services to both public and private groups for high end investments and brokering. This is an organization with over 170 years of experience in the United States. In the last 10 years, they have seen an expansion across the United States as well as a foothold in the global market with banking and investment in the United Kingdom. Laidlaw & Company have moved into banking with investing in social media markets as well as medical areas such as biotechnology.

An ever expanding and successful banking group on with an attention to detail with focusing on single areas such as medical investments. Laidlaw’s trading team has the ability to provide alternative investment options for one to branch out in seeking new and creative investment avenues.

Laidlaw & Company are not without their challenges with a recent lawsuit reporting that the company violated US financing laws on wsj. This legal challenge has not impeded the work that continues with this organization. The US and Global market continue to seek out Laidlaw & Company for their full service investment banking and brokerage services. They can provide investment support to new and established organizations to accomplish their corporate goals.