How Helanie Morrison is a Great Example of a Woman

When it comes to problems or challenges, there are generally two types of people. There are the ones that sit and complain about the problem. Then there are the ones that go ahead and do whatever they can about the problem. Helane Morrision is one of the people in the latter camp. Often times, people that work towards a solution often don’t pay that much attention to a problem. One of the issues that are often the most dealt with is the glass ceiling. Helane Morrison did not pay too much attention to the glass ceiling. She instead worked hard in the industry that she was passionate about. 

Helane Morrison has not only worked successfully in creating a better world for herself and women in the corporate industry, but she has also kept good character in doing so. Throughout her career, she has exposed dishonesty in certain institutions. In fact during the economic downturn, a lot of problems were uncovered with the handling of money. Among the things that were uncovered were the unethical ways of handling business. Fraud was revealed everywhere and it was not only embarrassing, but highly alarming. Among the things that were discovered were false audit claims and documents that were destroyed. Helane Morrison is one person that has worked from the bottom and made it to the top. She has started as a clerk for a few short years in which she has shown a lot of skills and discipline. As a result, she has began working for law firms and has also worked without rest in business litigation.

Helane has been involved in the exposure of security law violations and the defense of those that have been victimized by these violations. She eventually became responsible for 100 employees in her staff. She was soon elevated in status to full partner. From this point on, she has headed major investigations against corruption in business.

Connect with Helane Morrison on LinkedIn to learn more about her life and career.

Madison Street Capital Provides a Steadying Financial Hand

Business today is loaded with enough complicated terminology and advanced reporting tools that the average business owner, and in many cases experienced corporate officers, have a tough time utilizing all of the available resources. Madison Street Capital is a firm that has the experience and the ability to guide companies through all sorts of initiatives. Divestures, buying, selling, and other ownership transitions can become efficient and seamless with the right amount of help. In short, companies that seek out experienced partners with specific specialties and expertise can quickly conquer any task that pops up. In a world where business movies quickly, sometimes having a guiding hand can make all the difference in the world.

Madison Street Capital has the experience and knowledge that allows businesses of many sizes to tackle the complicated world of mergers, acquisitions, and other corporate finance initiatives. Whether companies are looking to restructure, perform a valuation, explore private equity, or receive financial opinion services, Madison Street Capital has the relationships in place alongside a professional staff to solve what could become a complicated puzzle. Furthermore, the firm services a wide variety of industries, which means a diverse range of experience is already present within the organization. Taking advantage of excellence to streamline a complicated procedure is one of the hallmarks of effective management, and building relationships with key partners is vital in the fast paced world of corporate finance. After all, a mistake can prove costly, which is why utilizing a third party can be essential.

In the end, the modern business world has evolved to create large and mid-sized corporations that have specialties in a wide range of industries. While companies have excelled at optimizing and perfecting techniques associated with core business and supply chain activities, many external and internal financial activities can benefit from the added power of an experienced partner. Companies like Madison Street Capital have the knowledge and expertise to simplify complex financial strategies through implementation, evaluation, and deployment. Utilizing the services of a strong partner with a long proven track record of success is a strategy that can pay huge dividends in the long and short-term operation of a corporation. In short, companies looking toward a viable financial future need to take appropriate action to perfect the financial analysis of today, which is where external specialized companies can really have an impact. After all, safeguarding the future is a tremendous responsibility.

Fabletics New Spring Summer Collection Line Has Never Been This Special


Summer and spring 2016 will be fun from the new Fabletics spring collection line. Fabletics has got this new line of a gold collection that will be perfect this season to keep everyone comfortable. There are new cute staffs that will be enjoyable for all trainers and spinners this year. The collection ranges from men and women training outfits that are exclusive. From an article posted in The Clothes Maiden, the new gym gear from Fabletics is awesome. Spinners this summer spring season will enjoy rides with the coolest product from Fabletics, and it’s incorporated into training. Fabletics products are all sizes and consider the comfortability of a person to gym classes and exercise. The new cloth line is especially amazing and one to look out for.

Spring and summer will be hot weather that the new Kate Hudson’s line has considered with the new line. Not only is it sexy but women of all size will feel comfortable wearing it. The gear will give room for sweating. Sweating is a good way to let off the toxins in our bodies hence spring 2016 will be the best. Women will look fashionable in outfits incredibly looking at relatively low prices. The new cloth line is and addition to the variety of fashion that Fabletics has got for all women.

Located in Los Angeles Fabletics is a clothes design firm founded by Kate Hudson, celebrity, musician and a famous actor. With her sexiness, she came out with every fashionable item that triggers a passion in every person during their daily activities. The mission of Fabletics is to make everyone active in Yoga class, office, gym exercises, running after kids and not get worried about sweating and the outfit because the outfit carries inspiration. The quality is good, and the prices are very affordable. The designer has also expanded adding retail shops in the United States and expanding to Spain and Netherlands carrying with it a new outfit for men and boys.

Founded in 2013 Kate Hudson and her co-founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg identified a gap in fashion market especially with active wears. There were no clothes perfect for our active days. Fabletics since then has performed very well in many countries of the world especially Europe and the United States. The active designer wears are also sold through shipping to countries outside America and has received a very good response. Their amazing offers have certainly made ladies go overboard in finding perfect active wears. Fabletics have thousands of styles for every woman and still customize styles depending on customer recommendation.

Jon Urbana’s WordPress Posts Go Viral

Jon Urbana is a successful entrepreneur that likes to take time to connect with his family, friends, and fans online. Fans are alerted to special updates on the WordPress blog. Urbana is a former lacrosse player that has transitioned to a very successful life with his own business venture. Urbana is also the co-founder of the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. Many of Urbana’s WordPress posts instantly go viral. Here are updates on the last five posts.

Apple Delight
Urbana is a photographer and shares an up-close picture of a beautiful apple he captured in the perfect light. Go here.

Video X-ray
Jon Urbana shares an interesting online video that you have to watch to believe. Check it out here.

Brenda Willis
The war still rages on, but Brenda Willis talks about taking control. Check out this interesting blog post and video. Go here.

Pizza Delicious
Jon Urbana shares his love of great pizza with his followers on the blog. Fortunately, Jon Urbana recognizes a good photo opportunity and taking great pictures that capture the magic. Take a look at the delicious pizza that Urbana simply could not resist. He shares the mouthwatering deliciousness with his blog readers. Go here.

Just about everyone loves delicious strawberries. This article is so real that you could almost eat the wonderful fruit right out of the hand pictured. Go here.

About Jon Urbana
Jon Urbana has earned a positive reputation and is an inspiration to the younger generation. His hard work and strength have led to his success. The former Villanova lacrosse player graduated from Villanova in 2005. He played 4 years for the Villanova team. Urbana is also the co-founder of the Next Level Lacrosse Camp for kids that is located in Colorado. It is a summer camp that aims to strengthen the skills of the young lacrosse players.

Thor Halvorssen Warns Against Authoritarian Socialism

Thor Halvorssen is the founder and president of the Human Rights Foundation and speaks tirelessly on behalf of freedom, liberty and democracy. Halvorssen was recently interviewed by Fox News regarding his take on U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ democratic socialist agenda, which Sanders has been promoting the whole time he has been campaigning for president. Halvorssen weighed in on his thoughts on the principles supported by Sanders and provided a cautionary tale of embracing democratic socialism with adequate protections against the government claiming too much power away from its citizens.

Halvorssen explains that the practical application of socialist principles is very different, typically, than what academics discuss. For instance, Halvorssen points to Venezuela as a troubling example at how socialism can lay the groundwork for massive human rights violations by a government against its own citizens. Halvorssen did not have to look far beyond his own personal experiences to speak truth to this statement. Halvorssen’s father was imprisoned under completely made up charges of terrorism while Halvorssen was studying at the University of Pennsylvania in 1993. His father was investigating a powerful drug cartel for money laundering, and unfortunately suffered serious political consequences. Even more troubling, his mother was shot at a peaceful political protest in Venezuela. Even now, Halvorssen’s first cousin is being held as a political prisoner in Venezuela.

Halvorssen explains that while socialist principles may sound appealing to address the immediate needs of the poorer classes of society, they can often lead to a government taking more and more freedoms away from its citizens. This is why, Halvorssen warns, that if a society embraces socialism, it must be sure that there are sufficient safeguards in place to prevent the government from becoming too big and wielding too much power over its own citizens. Once citizens relinquish controls to government, it is almost impossible to reign the government back in to its previous place. Thor Halvorssen says that this is not necessarily a problem in every society, but it is certainly something to be mindful of before adopting socialist policies without enough checks and balances in place.

Conditioners For Every Hair


There are a lot of different conditioners that you may choose to use, but only a few will give you the hair you want. You might wonder how you can make your hair feel great again. It’s not hard, you just have to find the right one for you.

Choosing the right One

There are several different conditioners available on amazon that can help with your hair. You will need to look at reviews for each brand and formula so you can see how it worked out for others, but the ultimate trial will be when you use it on your own hair. This is what one woman did and documented her results. She discovered that WEN by Chaz was the best option for her. Her testing of WEN products can be seen here:

What Does Conditioner Do?

There are many reasons to use conditioner. The biggest one is that conditioners can help your hair to feel fuller than it did in the past. If you have thinner hair, you will notice it feeling fuller and thicker. This is because it fills up the spaces in the cuticle of the hair. This helps it to get larger and to be healthier. The conditioner is great to use when the hair has had a lot of damage due to heat or coloring and bleaching. this can make the hair brittle and conditioner can make it better in the long run. 

Hair can be hard to work with, but adding conditioners like Wen by Chaz can help to make the hair fuller and healthier than it has ever been. You can see results like this woman did with her hair. All you need to do is try it for yourself.

Darius Fisher Gives Advice on How to Minimize Employee Turnover

Darius Fisher emphasizes the impact of employee turnover on businesses and provides practical advice to avoid it. Employee turnover means the price, in monetary value, that costs the businesses for replacing an employee. For example, it can cost upto 400 percent of an annual salary to replace a highly specialized employee. A mid level employee is replaced with 150 percent of annual salary and an entry-level employee is replaced with 30-50 percent of annual salary. For higher posts, it can really add up.

There are many effective ways to increase employee satisfaction at job and minimize employee turnover. Creating incentivised goals is one way to do that. An incentive adds a friendly competition and motivation when the job gets dull. An incentive does not have to be expensive. It just needs to be something of value to the employees. For example, one month of free yoga classes can be popular among people who value fitness.

Along with providing good incentives, try to celebrate employees good work. This could be done in an email sent to everyone on the team highlighting the employee and what he/she did good. For example, shooting an email saying, ” Jamie is killing it in PR! She just got a hit for her client in the New York Times!” This will boost employee satisfaction and encourage better performance.

Another way to motivate employees is to keep them in the loop. Regularly share teams progress and any new news and events with employees. This will give them a sense of responsibility.

Along with keeping them in the loop, it is very important to give them raises whenever it is due because of their hard work.

Although you may want to give a raise, sometimes its just not feasable. Fisher provides some alternatives to pay raises.

Have a free lunch on Fridays

Greet them on their birthdays

Make room for fun during the day

Maintain a creative workplace

Have pet friendly environment

Darius Fisher is the co-founder and president of Status Labs, an online reputation management, public relations and digital marketing firm. They have offices in New York, Austin and Sao Paolo serving over 1500 clients from all over the world.

Fisher graduated from Vanderbilt University. He has worked as an copywriter and political consultant before joining Status Labs. He put forward the vision for Status labs and hired employees.

Doe Deere Discusses Fashion and Beauty Rules to Break

After interviewing Doe Deere, one of the things you quickly learn about her is that she is much more than just another pretty face with a makeup brush. As creator of the highly popular Lime Crime brand, Doe Deere is highly touted as an innovative businesswoman, inventor, and entrepreneur.

The center of Doe Deere’s business philosophy has always been one where she repudiates the idea of “ruling with an iron fist.” She simply doesn’t agree with that philosophy. “I don’t believe it inspires respect in a leader,” she said. “I strive to uplift and drive people to succeed through positive reinforcement instead.”

Doe Deere has also established herself as a bit of a maverick in this regard, because she regularly seeks to not only rebel from the traditional form but to thoroughly break the rules as well. A recent article expounded on her philosophy, and discussed the fact that she believes it isn’t necessarily a sin to break certain fashion rules from time to time. With that, Doe Deere shared a number of her favorite fashion rules that she sees absolutely no problem in breaking:

Breakable Rule #1: Don’t wear a bold eye with a bold lip.

One of the rules that Doe Deere loves to break on a daily basis would be the idea that people shouldn’t wear bold eyes with bold lips. She said there is simply no fun in that and sometimes a girl wants to play and wants to stand out. Doe Deere believes that life is simply too short not to enjoy yourself, so if you want to wear bold colors together then go for it!

Breakable Rule #2: Don’t mix too many colors

Another rule that Doe Deere just loves to break would be the one where you are not allowed to mix too many colors. Although she admits that color can sometimes be a dicey thing, she also said that sometimes a big, unapologetic splash of color can also be a good thing as well. Sometimes, she says, fashionistas have a tendency to second-guess themselves when it comes to color. The major question usually is, “just how much is too much?” She usually tells those people to just think of Prada’s new line, which is adept at pairing mints with bright yellows and cotton candy pinks with chartreuse coloring.

Breakable Rule #3: Don’t mix up too many patterns.

Finally, another rule that Miss Deere loves to break would be in not mixing too many patterns. Because Doe Deere loves to shatter boundaries, she tells her customers that patterns are fun. She feels that the more the merrier, and she prefers to keep them in the same color family.

As you can see, Doe Deere is a pioneer in the field of Women’s fashion. She is making a statement and will challenge the status quo!

The Dog Food Industry Is Embracing Change


Beneful is a Nestle Purina Petcare brand that was introduced to the market in 2001. Because of a combination of factors, Beneful is one of Nestle Purina’s most profitable brands. In 2006, the brand was bringing in 300 million dollars in revenues. 6 years later, the brand started pulling in 5 times that every year. Some of the credit for this success is due to impressive marketing campaigns. The brand is credited with having some of the most progressive and innovative advertising. One of their poster adds had a scent on it that would attract passing dogs. The company has also won awards for their packaging. In 2007, the Pack Expo Selects Award was given to Beneful for a dog food package that was resealable and could be used as a bowl. Beneful is also involved in the community. They have the Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest every year. In this competition, dog park renovations are submitted and Beneful will pick one and provide 500,000 dollars towards the renovation. Beneful has now built dog parks in Alabaster, Alabama, Johns Creek, Arkansas and Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Beneful prides itself on the freshness and quality of the ingredients it uses in the production of food. They hold their suppliers to strict standards and guidelines and they monitor every ingredient from when it arrives at the factory to when it is siting on a shelf in a retail store.

Shifts in the dog food industry have recently occurred and the Daily Herald covered these shifts in a recent article. The article discussed how many new dog food companies were flooding the market with premium dog food. The concentration was on organic, nutritious and fresh. Consumers are loving it. Much of the money spent on dog food, roughly half in fact, is spent on premium food. The psychology behind this change is that people now treat their dog like family, so they want to feed it like family too. Because of this shift, many of the larger and better known companies are following the trends.