NuoDB Enhance Cloud Operations with Its SQL database

NuoDB, a Cambridge-located database organization, was architected in 2008 under the title, NimbusDB. The company’s cloud applications are facilitated by its unique elastic SQL database. The technology of NuoDB has impacted different groups such as Dassault Systems and the UAE Exchange. These companies preferred using NuoDB’s services due to its sophisticated SQL database that incorporates a tiered model made up of multiple and numerous transaction engines. Additionally, the SQL database is classified as a NewSQL database that holds the specific elements of traditional SQL database. Further, NuoDB is considered as effective as its database is responsible for the incorporation of features that sustain various cloud computing procedures.

The company’s achievements are attached to its corporate leaders including Barry Morris and Jim Starkey. Barry has led the organization in various activities that work towards its expansion. Some of the most beneficial deals that the organization has taken part in include the signing of a patent regarding the database. After the patent’s approval, the enterprise received a sum totaling to approximately $12 million in venture capital. Other achievements of the database organization include being named as the top Operational Database Management System by Magic Quadrant. Over the years, the company has earned a reputation courtesy of its efficient SQL database.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Teams Up With NFL

The National Football League is joining forces with Cancer Treatment Centers of America and LabCorp to increase awareness about prostate cancer in men. This campaign includes screenings and a batch of advertisements that will appear on television. Men who are eligible through the program designed by LabCorp may even be able to get a free screening.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America will be doing its part by holding events in cities close to its hospitals. These events will feature prominent former NFL players and coaches who will speak on the importance of getting screened for prostate cancer, especially in men who are over 40 years old.

In addition to screening, the information from Cancer Treatment Centers of America is aimed at educating individuals about the new breakthroughs available in detecting and treating prostate cancer. The organization strongly encourages all men with discovered risk factors to seek out advice from their local physicians.

Originally started as one hospital, Cancer Treatment Centers of America now consists of a network of five hospitals across the United States. The first hospital was founded in 1988 by Richard J Stephenson, who was inspired to create specialized care for cancer patients after his mother passed away from the disease. Aside from the hospitals themselves, Cancer Treatment Centers of America also has a headquarters located in Boca Raton, Florida.

The oncologists who are part of the team at Cancer Treatment Centers of America are highly experienced specialists. Each professional possesses extensive knowledge about the various cancer types that afflict the population, as well as the newest treatments options that are available. Likewise, the regimens and logistics for each patient are created on a case-to-case method, allowing for more personalized care on an individual level. Cancer Treatment Centers of America also helps to treat symptoms related to the ailment and side effects.

Choose MB2 Dental For Affordable Dentistry

How important is it for you to protect your smile? MB2 Dental understand how serious it is for their patients to have an amazing smile, and are there to back them with quality, and affordable dentistry. Their highly qualified, and trained professional will recommend you get dental Care at an early age. Pediatric dentistry can protect your child from future dental problems in the future. MB2 Dental provides a relaxed environment that caters to cowards of all ages. They are committed to helping their patients achieve an awarding winning smile that will last a lifetime.

If you have a child who persists on sucking their thumb, they can offer solutions to help before there is any permanent damage to their smile. They also give advice on how to prevent breathing through your mouth. Poor dentistry can affect your physical, and oral health along with poor nutrition. Bad teeth can make it hard to chew, digest, and eat a balanced diet. Their friendly team of professionals is their to assist you for the duration of your visit. They probably is new sedation technology, and one of the few local dentists offering holistic treatment.

MB2 Dental Services

– Traditional/Invisalign braces
– Cancer screening
– Teeth whitening
– Over/under-bite
– Overlapping teeth
– X-rays
– Oral hygiene care
– Gum disease
– Cavities
– Loose teeth
– Orthodontist recommendations
and more…

Relax knowing your smile is good hands with the top dentists in the local area, proudly serving their patients for 25+ years. They are committed to a smile worth being confident enough to show among your friends, family, and colleagues. Don’t wait til the last minute to see a professional dentist when you’re experiencing a toothache, or loose tooth. They also teeth your child how to properly floss, and brush their teeth.

MB2 Dental is not afraid to get to the root of the problem with bad breathe. They offer a relaxed environment allowing you to get confident dental care. Their patients are treated with the best technological advances in dentistry. They ensure you get quality care, but get you back to work, or school fast. Their traditional braces, and Invisalign services has a less recovery time than their competitors. You’re invited to visit the MB2 Dental website for more details on their dental services, or scheduling a tour of one of their four convenient locations today.

Back to Schools Tips From Freedom Financial Network

Whenever it’s back to school time for the kids, we often find ourselves consumed by the activities that aid in the preparation of schools opening. Shopping is the biggest part of these preparations. Every parent would love to shop in a cost-effective manner and take as little time as possible while doing so. According to Kevin Gallegos, VP Phoenix Operations at Freedom Financial Network, having a supply list would go a long way in making your shopping experience more pleasant. Freedom Financial Network was founded in 2002 and its core business is to help people overcome debt and find financial freedom.

You will find that some schools post the lists online and they normally don’t differ very much year-to-year. It is recommended that you don’t discard your list because if certain items are on sale, you will have saved for the future. According to Freedom Financial Network, the first step you should take is establishing a budget. Avoid buying the items early unless there is a clearance sale. Take note of what you already have at home to avoid double purchase of items. Prioritize the items on your list, with the urgent items coming first and those that can wait coming last.

Once you have come up with a budget and a list of items that you need to buy, you can head out to the store to do your shopping. Ensure you take your list with you so that you don’t waste time in the store moving from aisle to aisle and so that you don’t overspend.

Train your kids to pack their own lunch, and you can do this using a packing map. Pediatrician, Nimali Fernando, suggests getting a bento-type lunch box because it has sections and would be easier for your child to organize. Hopefully, these tips will help you as you take your kids back to school.

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Startup Basics According To Sawyer Howitt Of The Meriwether Group

Entrepreneurs come from a wide variety of education levels. Just ask Sawyer Howitt, Portland, Oregon high-school graduate entrepreneur. There is no need for being trained in a traditional manner when the business operator, and potential student, already understands the basics of running a business. And, regardless of the type of business, the old adage that optimum location is vital for maintaining a long-term successful business still applies.

For Sawyer Howitt, currentproject manager for the Meriwether Group of Portland, that location may be California in general and the University of Berkeley in particular.

California is home to several locations that are considered top cities for entrepreneurship in the United States, with prime regions including San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Santa Monica. These areas are attractive for a variety of reasons. Proximity to a large number of regular patrons helps greatly for those who are operating in traditional brick-and-mortar retail businesses, but even companies that will be conducting online business still sees these locations as prime combinations of great places to live as well as run a successful business. And, success is the goal for all entrepreneurs like Sawyer Howitt.

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Austin, Texas and Denver, Colorado also ranks high on the list of top cities, with all of the potentially optimum locations being in the western half of the nation. There has never been a better time to establish a startup business like in the contemporary economy. All entrepreneur project managers understand this point in economic history. But, online businesses that can operate from any location still find these vibrant lifestyle areas attractive because they can build personal business relationships as well.

Sawyer Howitt will tell all entrepreneur candidates that there are many factors to evaluate when beginning any startup. Among those factors are access to credit lines, availability of high-speed broadband, and a great potential for building a customer base. The local economy is important, especially for new business managers who want to be a part of it. An excellent business idea does not always require major capital at the beginning. The business just needs a fertile climate for growth. Just ask Sawyer Howitt of the Meriwether Group.


Rodrigo Terpins Answers A Rallying Call

The sport of rally driving has always been a difficult one for the majority of those who have spent their lives building up to appearing in this motorsport, but for Rodrigo Terpins the rewards have been almost instant as he has made his way into the sport. The son of legendary Brazilian business leader, Jack Terpins has made his first real impact as a rally driver in the largest off-road race in Brazil known as one of the toughest in the world as many professional, experienced drivers failed to reach the podium.

Rodrigo Terpins and driving partner Fabricio Bianchini were one of the surprise results in the race with the pair achieving a podium finish in their category and an overall finish of eighth in the entire race. A total of 38 competitors made their way to the start line, with some of the best-known rally drivers in Brazil failing to achieve the results of the less experienced Rodrigo Terpins; in the competitive prototypes T1 category, Terpins and Bianchini shocked their competitors with a podium finish after completing the seven stage race across more than 2,000 miles.

There are many parallels to be drawn between the life and career of Rodrigo Terpins and his father, Jack. The most obvious parallel between the pair is the fact both have made a commitment to the sport of their choice, for Rodrigo Terpins this is rally driving and for Jack, the sport of basketball. The entrepreneur had been quick to compliment his team of engineers and support crew who Rodrigo Terpins gave a score of ten out of ten for their work over the course of the race. Rodrigo Terpins also explained he was shocked at the level of equipment needed for his number 326 car to complete the race and reach the podium in exciting fashion. Follow his Facebook page to know more.

Why you should visit Osteo Relief Institute

Arthritis is famed to be one of the most common conditions at the moment. Although it affects very many people in the world, very little is known about it. Arthritis is a single disease that causes joint pain (Crunchbase). There are over one hundred types of arthritis that affect fifty million people in the United States. The condition is very common among women. It also occurs frequently in the older individuals. At the moment, arthritis is considered to be the leading reason for disabilities in the US.

Osteo Relief Institute

Osteoarthritis is currently the most common type of arthritis in the US. The condition causes the degeneration of cartilage that is found in the joints. There are several individuals who are at a risk of getting the condition. People who have excess weight, aged and those who have suffered injuries in the past are prone to the disease. Just like most forms of arthritis, osteoarthritis is degenerative and incurable. However, with the right management, the patient can live a good and long life. The patients are required to have regular exercises every day, especially before they can go to bed. This will reduce the stiffness when they wake up the following day.

When choosing the type of workout, the patients should ensure that they consult a qualified doctor, Osteo Relief Institute is among in which you can get one.The wrong exercise will only mean that the patient will experience more pain when they go to sleep. There are several physicians who can manage this condition, but very few have the expertise needed. Osteo Relief Institute is a healthcare facility that is equipped with everything an osteoarthritis patient will need.


Patients who choose Osteo Relief Institute for their treatment will have several benefits. First of all, the individuals who work at the institution are experienced, and they give the client the priority. This means that the arthritis patient will not have to worry about their health anymore. The physicians are qualified, having gone to some of the best medical schools in the world. The patient will be treated just like family.


Osteo Relief Institute is famed for having state of the art equipment that will ensure that the patient gets the best. The prices are also affordable to the consumers.



Craft beer is increasingly becoming popular and it has been predicted that by 2020, twenty percent of all beer sales will be from it. CEO and founder of Steamworks, Eli Gershkovitch is one of the pioneers of craft beer and his brand is also very popular.The best part about craft beer is probably the fact that it comes in a variety of unique flavors and that you don’t have to expect the same old taste from each brand. Canada is one of the popular producers of craft beer. The All or Nothing Beerhouse is the producer of three popular brands of craft beer. They include Peach Braggot which has an eight point five percent alcoholic content. This is mead type of beer which is crafted using barley malt and honey that are infused with peach flavors.


The drink has a pale straw color and due to its sweetness, it should be taken with light meals. The brewery also produces Masala Chai Braggot (WeeklyOpinion). This brew includes Mead Braggot, masala chai blend, Ontario barley and wildflower honey from Ontario. The brew has an eight point five percent alcoholic content and it is best taken with baked goods or alone due to its full and rich flavor. You can also experiment by warming it a bit just to bring out the full flavor of the Masala chai. The beer has a full foam which ensures that it maintains its freshness. All or Nothing Brew house also produces the All or Nothing Hopfenweisse. This wheat beer has a unique blend that will naturally tantalize your taste buds. They include tropical fruit, citrus, banana, and bubblegum. The golden beer has a five point one percent alcoholic percentage. It is crafted using four types of hops and three types of malt. The brew house was started in 2014 by Eric Dornan and Jeff Dornan. The beerhouse is located in Ontario’s Oshawa area.


About Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkovitch is a craft beer entrepreneur. He is also a trained lawyer and a pilot. After he graduated with a law degree from the University of Toronto, he took a tour to Europe and that’s when he discovered his love for craft beer. Although he continued to work in the legal field from Vancouver, Eli Gershkovitch continued to harbor craft beer dreams. When he decided on a site for a craft beer business, his legal knowledge of the complex field of liquor licensing came in handy ( Eli Gershkovitch settled on a strategic century old building for his premier brewpub. This particular building already had a steam power system which he eventually used to power his craft beer business.

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Edisoft: Bringing Efficacy into Global Supply Chain Performance

The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in regards to supply chain performance has changed over the years from the traditional on-time performance analysis to the multimode and multi-leg efficiency analysis for a particular shipment. For any transportation means, be it road, ocean, air, or rail, traders nowadays demand that the carrier must be efficient right from customs clearance to the final delivery ( Thanks to technology advancements, traders can track their cargo and assess if their carriers give them value for money in the long run. The Internet of Things, for example, is a tool that has come a long way in changing how global trading is done. In a nutshell, metrics across functions are the new KPIs for business persons across the world.


Breaking Down Supply Chain Performance


One important factor that every trader must take into account is if a shipment is international or domestic; domestic shipments are relatively cheaper, take lesser time, and are more efficiently done compared to international shipments. When gauging the supply chain’s performance, it is always prudent to note the different costs that come with each one of them. Documentation is also necessary so that if for example, in the case of international shipments, the parties involved are many, the whole process can be easily audited and verified. Every party must be clear and accurate in its documentation so that any second party that ends up using the documented data can have an easy time understanding it. For example, the party involved in sourcing the shipment from the origin must put everything on record so that the carrier can be able to follow through and understand how the process should be followed.



Edisoft® is a 22-year old software company that is headquartered in Toronto, ON, but with a global reaching. The company primarily develops platforms and software for business persons across the world to develop their supply chains.


Edisoft is privately held and has an employee population of about 50 people. Besides Ontario, the company has an office in Miami, FL that seeks to improve services for manufacturers and distributors in the USA


Among the areas of specialty that Edisoft is best known for include in developing supply chain management platform, GS1 compliance & EDI compliance, and order management among several others.


Glen Wakeman Gives His Thoughts On His Career And His Success

Glen Wakeman has built a reputation as a business revolutionary, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a mentor. He developed guidance strategies to help startup companies with M&A, entered the world of SAAS with LaunchPad Holdings, and has his BS in Economics and an MBA in Finance. He has held executive positions with numerous prestigious firms and founded Nova Four. Glen Wakeman received a lot of recognition for his performance methodology and his success as a writer and investor has been an inspiration to many individuals.


Glen Wakeman has invaluable experience in leadership concerning global affairs and provides strategic advice. He is passionate about innovation in business and has been a leader in the global marketplace. He has lived in numerous countries while running global businesses. He excels when matching money with ideas and his rate of success is high. He believes failure is a result of a lack of structure and can be overcome with a more intuitive and simpler software platform.

Glen Wakeman is excited about business learning being achieved with the application of machines. He believes there is currently so much data the possibilities are endless (Crunchbase). He feels insightful improvements are being generated with machine learning including quality and speed. His concern is in relation to privacy but he hopes the guideposts to preserve humanity will be generated and effective.


He admits to having a high level of curiosity and says it is the most productive trait he possesses. This is how he can persevere when he has a difficult problem to overcome, allow for innovative thinking and satisfy his clients. He says if he does not understand why everything is the way it is he can’t change anything. Glen Wakeman believes in productivity and uses many applications so it consistently increases. Each one saves him money, time, or both.


Glen Wakeman feels flexibility, professionalism, and financial savings can be achieved through live chat. He uses Doodle for his calendars, to organize meetings, and for his time management. This consistently lowers his administrative costs and allows him to be more efficient. He can access resources from all over the world faster and cheaper and finds the reviews help him make better choices.